MacEwan University team launches new video game for biology students

Students at MacEwan University have created a video game to help biology students learn about viruses and cell biology.

Fourteen students and seven staff members were involved in researching and developing Life on the Edge, which is geared toward first year biology students.

The team was made up of members of the biological sciences, design, computer science, and music departments.

“We’ve seen educational video games grow in popularity for elementary and high school students, but not as much for university students,” said Dr. Ross Shaw, assistant professor Biological Sciences, in a written release. “We believe Life on the Edge is going to be a solid teaching tool because the game has a professional quality and succeeds in giving the player advanced knowledge about biology.”

“Our design students were able to put into practice the full design process from discovery research, ideation of game concepts, and prototyping to the creation of final illustrations and animations,” said Robert Andruchow of the Department of Art and Design. “They did all of this within an interdisciplinary team just like they would in the industry.”

The game has already been included in some classes at Concordia University in Montreal.

Life on the Edge will be available to download for free on the Steam platform starting June 17. 

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