Madden set to face video game competition with VR rival entering the fray

For many years, MADDEN has been the dominant NFL video game in the market. The lovechild of the legendary John Madden, the game has been one of the most successful sports video game franchises of all-time. No one has ever toppled this game from its throne. However, a new competitor seeks to tap a different market to compete against the titan of the genre.

Recently, StatusPro announced that they are in the process of making their own football video game… with a twist. Named NFL PRO ERA, this MADDEN competitor will delve into the world of virtual reality. As an added bonus, this game has official licensing from the NFL Player’s Association: a huge sign of legitimacy when it comes to sports video games.

NFL Pro Era prides itself on being a game from the “player’s perspective”. One of their co-founders, Anthony Hawkins, was a former league veteran for the Cincinnati Bengals and the Cleveland Browns. One of their producers doubled down on that sentiment, saying:

“The biggest difference is we are purely from the players’ perspective, right,” StatusPRO executive producer Jay Juneau said. “You’re not a coach. You’re not a GM. You’re not the owner. You are an NFL player, and that’s what we focused on.”

StatusPRO has been in the market of making football-oriented virtual reality technology for NFL teams. Nost of their products have been on the professional side, geared towards training pro players. Now, though, they are looking to make a more accessible version of their tools for fans of the game to enjoy.

NFL PRO ERA is slated for release this upcoming fall.

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