Marvel’s Avengers’ Mighty Thor Video Shows New Hero in Action

Crystal Dynamics has only showcased bits of Mighty Thor, Marvels’ Avengers‘ next playable hero, by dropping stylized screen shots, concept art, and animated origin videos of her. The team has waited until the day before her release to show video of her in action, as the newest War Table video gave players a hefty taste of her abilities and what she actually looks like in the game.

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The video explains how Jane Foster has “even more precise control of Mjölnir,” which was inspired by the comics. She has a certain ability where her hammer can seek and home in on an enemy, pinning them once it catches up to them. If players also correctly time a hammer throw after catching it, they can chuck it again for some extra damage, which is reminiscent of an ability in 2018’s God of War.

Her ultimate also sends Mjölnir out on its own to automatically hit enemies, which lets use her Undrjarn, another famous hammer-like weapon, in the meantime. The God Tempest move increased ranged hammer damage and makes it so electric shocks pulse out from every melee hit. And while it doesn’t augment her hammer like almost all of these moves, Foster also has access to a brutal front kick that sends enemies flying.

Mighty Thor, as hinted at in her origin animatic, was sent to this dimension through a Tachyon anomaly. In her timeline, she became the Goddess of Thunder after Thor gave up the hammer after A-Day — the game’s explosive intro sequence that killed many — and Foster’s cancer diagnosis.

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The video wrapped up by showing some of her new cosmetics and costumes. These skins were revealed in concept form last week, but this video gave players a look of what they actually look like in the game. Crystal Dynamics reiterated that she will have her own nameplates, takedowns, and emotes (although some will be carried over from or inspired by ones that Thor has), as well as her own mission chain and challenge card. Some of these objectives will unlock more lore about this version of Foster, too.

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