Meet Grim, Siege’s new swarm-sending Singaporean recon attacking operator

A new operator is joining the massive Rainbow Six Siege roster for Year Seven, season three: Grim, a reconnaissance attacker from Singapore equipped with a robotic swarm launcher.

Like with any new operator, the big feature is their primary gadget. For Grim, that gadget is the Kawan Hive Launcher, a handheld launcher that fires a canister that releases a bee-like swarm of small mechanical bots that reveals opposing defenders that pass through the swarm. Opponents who pass through the swarm are pinged three times but are continuously pinged if they stay in the swarm’s radius.

The bug-like bots will also appear in the opposing player’s view if they’re hit with the swarm, and Grim can fire up to five different canisters during a round. The canister sticks to a surface before deploying, but it can be shot after it sticks before it releases the swarm. Additionally, operators with gadgets that can cancel or negate other gadgets like Mute, Jager, and Wamai, are suitable counters to Grim. Grim is considered a three-speed, one-health operator, meaning he’s quick but squishy.

Grim has the choice between a 552 Commando rifle or the SG-CQB shotgun as a primary weapon and can use the P229 pistol as a secondary. He can pick either a breach charge or a claymore as a piece of equipment, but not the newest addition to equipment gadgets in the Impact EMP grenade.

Agent Charlie Tho “Grim” Keng Boon is a member of the Nighthaven squad alongside operators Wamai, Ace, Aruni, Ela, Smoke, IQ, Osa, and leader Kali. He has an elite military background and is described as having a cold ruthlessness. A portion of his operator bio from Kali says “his tough exterior doesn’t come from any unaddressed trauma, he just doesn’t give a shit.”

Grim is now available to acquire and play.

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