Mesa Adds Initial Support For Targeting Microsoft’s Xbox With “GLon12”

Linux game porter and developer Ethan Lee has added initial support to Mesa for Microsoft’s Xbox Game Development Kit (GDK). In turn this early code can allow running the “GLon12” Mesa driver atop the Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S game consoles that can ease porting OpenGL games to the Xbox.

Ethan Lee has been working on this Xbox GDK support for Mesa with its Direct3D 12 code paths as part of his FNA project. This gets support for building the GLon12 Mesa driver for the Xbox One / X /S via the Xbox Game Development Kit but that ability to build/run requires Microsoft GDXK support/agreement with Microsoft. This code will not work with the PC-only GDK.

GamerCityNews image Mesa Adds Initial Support For Targeting Microsoft's Xbox With "GLon12"
Ethan Lee shows off an SDL test application making use of OpenGL and running on the Microsoft Xbox thanks to this now-merged Mesa code.

With this merge request that landed today is then initial support for running OpenGL games and applications on the supported Xbox game consoles via Mesa GLon12 to ultimately route the calls to Direct3D, the only graphics API natively supported by the modern Xbox hardware.

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