Metal Gear Solid Insider Leaks Reveal of PS5 Remake

According to a new report, a remake of Metal Gear Solid is about to be revealed soon. If this sounds familiar it’s because there’s been a few rumors here and there in the last year or so claiming that Konami is remaking the first Metal Gear Solid game. So far, nothing has come of these rumors, but this is apparently set to change by no later than May of this year, or at least that is what the aforementioned report claims. 

The report comes the way of Area Jugones, a Spanish website that is perhaps best known for regularly leaking PS Plus games. According to the website, a reveal sometime in February or March seems the most likely based on what they’ve been hearing. And that’s about the extent of the new information, which comes as an update to a previous report that leaked the supposed existence of the remake last year.

The previous report claimed that a remake of the game was in development and has been for a couple of years, but only for the PS5, signaling that PlayStation worked out a deal with Konami for either outright exclusivity or possibly just timed exclusivity. Knowing PlayStation it’s likely the former.

If this remake is real and it’s a PS5 exclusive, its reveal may be held for a PlayStation State of Play or another PlayStation showcase. Yet again, Konami’s Silent Hill 2 Remake — a PS5 console exclusive — was not held for a PlayStation event, so perhaps the expectation should be this won’t be either.

Unfortunately, for now, all we have is speculation. So far, Konami and PlayStation have not commented on this report nor have they commented on previous rumors. In other words, it’s unlikely this will change, but if it does, we will be sure to update the story accordingly. In the meantime, take everything here with a grain of salt. While the source in question has proven reliable in the past, it doesn’t mean this is automatically accurate. Further, even if this is accurate, it doesn’t mean it will stay this way as everything, especially marketing, is subject to change; game reveals get moved around all the time.

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