Microsoft News Roundup: 1,000 days since Surface Neo, Windows 98, Xbox Game Pass on Samsung TVs, and more

Each week, several stories roll out in the worlds of Windows, PCs, and Xbox. While we cover the news as it comes out, it’s easy to lose a story or two in the shuffle. To kick off every weekend, we gather the biggest stories in one convenient roundup.

This week we shared exclusive information about the now-dead Surface Neo, covered Apple’s M2 MacBooks falling short of competing Windows laptops, and the European Space Agency upgrading the Mars Express spacecraft away from software made with an OS based on Windows 98.

1,000 days since Surface Neo

(Image credit: Microsoft)

1,000 days have passed since Microsoft unveiled the Surface Neo, the foldable device initially planned to run Windows 10X. Officially, the Surface Neo is postponed, but our senior editor Zac Bowden’s sources say the device is dead.

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