Microsoft Shows It Cares for Loyal Fans With Rare Xbox 360 Update 17 Years After Launch

Microsoft has come up with some of the best gaming consoles ever since it introduced the first Xbox in 2001. However, when it comes to one device that has a special place in the hearts of millions of players, then it has to be the Xbox 360.


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Yes, it’s almost 17 years old now but those who own it are quite satisfied with its overall performance in so many years. Well for the ones who still use it, Microsoft just revealed an unusual update to fix an issue. At first, it won’t seem to be a huge deal but given the fact that Xbox 360 came out in 2005, getting an update is amazing, to say the least.

Xbox 360 receives updates even 17 years after its release!


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A successor to the original Xbox, the 360 made its way on November 22, 2005. Featuring an online service in Xbox Live, it allowed the players to enjoy titles online, and download games through the Live Arcade. Plus they were able to access the demos for the upcoming releases as well.

The Xbox 360 is the sixth highest-selling console in gaming history. Moreover, it’s also the biggest selling console made by an American company, which is Microsoft. Although its production was ceased years ago, as per the 2016 announcement, the console is getting support. The latest proof comes from an employee working at Microsoft.

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Eden Marie, who’s the Engineering Lead at Xbox, recently tweeted that they have deployed an update for Xbox 360 regarding an issue. What’s interesting to note is that it was reported by only two people, owning the 2005 product. Yet, the team from Microsoft didn’t disappoint them and eventually resolved their problem.


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Well, it’s good to see that even a device from 20o5, such as the Xbox 360, is receiving relevant fixes for smooth functioning. It will surely increase the trust of the fans on Microsoft for addressing their issues in the future whenever they have one, even in the latest devices like the Series X and S.


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What are your thoughts on this story? Also, are you among those players who still own the Xbox 360 or the latest generation of the console? Don’t forget to share your views. Let us know in the comments.


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