Microsoft wants to shut down your Xbox when not in use to reduce your power bill

Sustainability is the new mantra in the tech space, where major tech brands are taking a lot of new initiatives to make their products greener and more power efficient. In a similar move, Microsoft is all set to push a new software update to the Xbox Series S and the Xbox Series X, which will make shutting down (energy saving) the default option instead of sleep mode.

Do note that, Microsoft Xbox consoles shipped on or after March 2022 already have this option by default, and the latest software update will enable this feature on consoles that are shipped before March 2022.

When you shut down an Xbox Series S or Series X gaming console, it will just use 0.5W of power. On the other hand, when you put it in sleep mode it will continue to consume 10-15W of power. One advantage of putting your console in sleep mode is that it lets you boot it instantly. When it is shut down, it will take around 10-15 seconds to boot.

Here is how much power can save by enabling power mode on Xbox (Image credit: Microsoft)

According to Microsoft, 2 Xbox consoles in power-saving mode will save an equivalent amount of carbon removed by one tree planted and grown for a decade.

Do note that, this update will prioritise every saving mode over sleep mode by default, and users can switch back to sleep mode manually to enable the instant boot option. The update is currently being rolled out to beta testers, and the stable version will be made available for all users in the upcoming days.

Similarly, the software update will also enable users to adjust active hours, where, within the active hours the console will go to sleep mode, enabling quick boot. Outside the active hours, the console will go to power saving mode to help reduce power consumption.

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