Midnight Fight Express: Gameplay video from the Beat em up

In a new video, you can watch a game from Midnight Fight Express on Xbox X.

A new Midnight Fight Express video is already available to watch.

In the darkest days, an unexpected hero appears in town and his name is Babyface, a former member of the criminal group.

Your mission is to fight if you enter the city before sunrise. Don’t take the whole city over with criminals.

Utilize any street fighting technique you’ll find possible, increase your skill and take off against hordes of thugs, thieves and crime workers.

Finish the melee moves with knives, axes and sledgehammers. Choose from various types of pistols, shotguns, and explosives. There are many weapons here: furniture and plungers.

Use the city around you to the best of your advantage and clean the streets and much more awaits you.

Replay missions to solve challenges and unlock rewards.

The Xbox Series X was played at Midnight Fight Express.

Midnight Fight Express is available for 19 cents (£4). A new computer version is available on the Xbox Game.

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