Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update release date and time for Nintendo Switch revealed

The Wild Update is the next major update coming to Minecraft. After the spectacular two-part Caves & Cliffs update, Mojang is now bringing The Wild Update to further improve the Overworld through new biomes, mobs, blocks, and more.

The Wild Update was first revealed during Minecraft Live 2021, and fans have been waiting for the 1.19 update ever since. Around six months after the Caves & Cliffs Part II update, Mojang is now finally ready to launch The Wild Update.

Mojang has announced the release date for the 1.19 update, and here is everything players need to know.

Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update is coming to Nintendo Switch and many other platforms

Minecraft is available on a wide variety of platforms and devices. When adding new features, Mojang has to make sure they work flawlessly on all platforms and in both editions, Java and Bedrock. And after the 1.19 update entered the pre-release stage, Mojang officially revealed the launch date of The Wild Update.



The Wild Update is coming to Nintendo Switch on June 7, 2022, around 4:30 pm BST/8:30 am PT.

Not only will it come out on Nintendo Switch, but it will also be released for all supported platforms on the same day. In older days, the release date on consoles varied from the official date. However, those days are past memories, as Mojang has consistently released major updates for Bedrock and Java Edition across all platforms on the same day.

What’s new in The Wild Update?

GamerCityNews  Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update release date and time for Nintendo Switch revealed



Players living under a rock might be unaware of all the exciting features coming with The Wild Update. This update adds a new and improved variant of swamps called mangrove swamps. Players will find mangrove swamps flooded with mangrove trees with tall roots and mud blocks.

Deep dark caves is the second new biome coming with The Wild Update, and it is the third cave biome to be added to Minecraft. Deep dark caves are found in the deepest layers of the Overworld and are home to creepy sculk blocks, monstrous wardens, and humongous ancient cities.

Sculk blocks coming in The Wild Update officially add vibrations to Minecraft. These blocks have the power to detect vibrations and create Redstone signals as a response. Specifically, players need to be careful around sculk shriekers as they can spawn the warden when triggered too many times.



Warden, however, isn’t the only mob in The Wild Update. Players will also find melophile allays and ribbiting frogs. Allays are also coming with the 1.19 update after over half a million players voted for it. These flying spirits will collect any item that a player gives them.

Frogs are useful for farming froglight, a new light source coming in the 1.19 update. Interestingly, frogs are the first mob to have a special baby version, tadpole; frogspawn blocks laid by frogs eventually hatch and produce tadpoles.

Along with many new blocks and items, the update will also feature the first craftable music disc made using disc fragments found in ancient cities. Some interesting items in the update that players will be able to get their hands on are recovery compass, boat with chest, and goat horn.

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