Mission Zero Reveals Three New Mobius Characters For The Game


NetEase Games revealed three new Mobius characters coming to Mission Zero, complete with trailers and info for each one of them. In the game you will get to choose from two factions to engage with, one of them being the Mobius, who have eight characters that have their own host of abilities. The three characters that were revealed are Aya, Gabriel, and Vanessa. The first two are assault-type characters who come with powerful catching abilities, while Vanessa is a strategy-type who focuses on disguising. You can read about all three below and check out their trailers, as you can still pre-register for the game at the link above for PC and both iOS and Android.

Credit: NetEase Games

AYA: The Rampage Girl

As a delinquent juvenile girl with a cute image, Aya has high popularity among people. She likes to stand in the spotlight and swing her bat threatening enemies. Also, humming nursery rhymes during the flights is one of her prominent signatures. Aya was born with a superior gene that makes her survive in the hell-like Mobius test. Rumor has it that Aya has a sister, and she is the reason why Aya is dying to join the Mobius.

  • PASSIVE SKILL: TIME OUT – Aya’s attacks cause knockback with the shortened backswing.
  • FIRST SKILL: METEORITE STRIKE – Aya dashes forward and lands a massive blow on the first Sirius in the path while causing damage and knockback.
  • SECOND SKILL: HARSH BLOW – Aya unleashes her power to increase attack range and knockback effect for a short time, making harsh blows that slow down and knock back the Sirius, while stunning the Sirius if they hit a wall.

GABRIEL: The Gladiator of Hook

Gabriel was born in the underground city, which prompts him to be a Weasel. Beneath his rough exterior is a man of different faces, and everything can be in his grasp. But who would have thought that such a domineering man cannot sleep without his little unicorn doll!

  • PASSIVE SKILL: LAST REGRETS -Gabriel will reduce the cooldown of the skill after a successful use of it, while knocking the Sirius down a short time after triggering the passive skill will reset all cooldowns.
  • FIRST SKILL: LOCO HOOK – Gabriel launches a hook out ahead, stunning and pulling back the Sirius he strikes.
  • SECOND SKILL: WARRIOR SPIRIT – Deploying a shield, Gabriel blocks and gains immunity for a short time. If he blocks a control attempt, the skill will be canceled while Gabriel will gain a speed boost.

VANESSA: The Pale Rose

As the manager of the cleaning robots, elegant Vanessa can’t accept any filth. In her eyes, members of Sirius from the underground city, are something like incomparably dirty bacteria. “It’s better to clean up the Sirius as soon as possible!”

  • PASSIVE SKILL: HARMONIC TRANSFER – Vanessa gains speed boost when moving towards allies.
  • FIRST SKILL: HOMOPHONICS – Vanessa forges an energy link with an ally, slowing down any Sirius who come into contact with it. The passive effect is doubled during link, while the ally also gains a speed boost when moving towards Vanessa.
  • SECOND SKILL: LEAP-FLECTION – When HOMOPHONICS is established, Vanessa could leap to her ally’s location and release a pulse with deceleration effect. When there is no link, Vanessa may teleport an ally to the location where the skill is cast.

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