Modular AMD Chips to Embrace Custom 3rd Party Chiplets

AMD is extending its custom chip design services even as it aims to offer a portfolio that’s close and personal to its client’s requirements. During its latest analyst day meeting, AMD Chief Technical Officer (CTO) Mark Papermaster spoke of recent advancements in semiconductor fabrication and chip interconnect technologies that would enable a modular future for the company’s chip design. It seems that AMD might be looking at carving another strategy for the decades to come: something like “The Future is Custom.”

Building upon work that started with custom silicon designs for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4, AMD’s Semi-Custom Solutions Division has quickly become one of the company’s main strengths. AMD adapted its mainstream architectures according to Microsoft and Sony’s power, performance, and cost requirements. Even Steam’s runaway success, the handheld Steam Deck, has embraced AMD chip designs. But the company wants to take it further.

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