Monster Hunter Paradise is Apparently the Next Mainline Monster Hunter Game – Rumour

UPDATE: It’s since been discovered that Monster Hunter Paradise was a placeholder name used by the Discord development team, and has since been changed.

Original story follows:

Monster Hunter saw a massive reversal in its fortunes with the launch of Monster Hunter World. While the series had always been huge for Capcom in Japan, with the 2018 game, it saw incredible global success and sustained salesMonster Hunter Rise has launched for PC and the Nintendo Switch since then, and both games have also received a large-scale expansion each- but if you’re waiting for the next mainline Monster Hunter game that serves as a proper follow-up to World– well, we might have some interesting news on that front.

Recently, Twitter user @neonaga99 mentioned in a tweet (via ResetEra) that’s since been deleted that while using Discord’s backend while using its developer mode, they were able to access information for placeholder events scheduled for the coming months. Interestingly, one of these invited users to redeem codes for Monster Hunter Paradise. 

That process itself doesn’t actually work, of course, but the game’s name is very explicitly mentioned, while PlayStation, Xbox, and PC are all mentioned as platforms.

That a full-on follow-up to Monster Hunter World is in development isn’t exactly a bold prediction, given how well the 2018 game continues to sell. Interestingly, Monster Hunter 6 was mentioned in Capcom’s massive ransomware leak in 2020, so clearly, a new mainline Monster Hunter game has been something the company’s planning for a while.

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