Monster Trampoline brings family friendly multiplayer to Xbox

Maybe it’s just because I have watched too many horror films involving killer sofas and psychic rubber tyres, but my first though when I saw Monster Trampoline was something very different. I for one would love a horror movie where a sentient trampoline gobbles up anyone dumb enough to jump on it. This, however, is something much more child friendly. Monster Trampoline is out today on Xbox.

Across three levels, you and up to three other players must knock off all the other monsters out of the ring. Drop your monsters onto the playing field and watch the chaos that follows. There are explosive barrels and Star Points to increase your monster’s size. Those remaining on the ring at the end will be declared the victors.

It may only have three different levels, but they are as varied as you can get. Fight on the beaches, a pirate ship or all the way up in space. These can also be customised to how you see fit: increase the bounciness, number of barrels or length of the game.

Monster Trampoline is also fully playable against the AI opponents. Get some practice in before you take the fight to the rest of the family.

Monster Trampoline is on the Xbox Store priced at £6.49. Stay tuned for our review of this version of Monster Trampoline, right after we’ve pitched the horror movie version to the film studios.

Game description

The monsters are having a party, and they love playing on the trampoline! Monster Trampoline is a local multiplayer game for 1-4 players, suitable for the entire family. Drop monsters onto other monsters to try and knock them out of the ring without having your monster fall off. Transform your monsters into stronger monsters using Star Points and use their special powers to dominate the arena. Target the explosive barrels to really send the other monsters flying! Time the power bar to adjust the force with which you hit the other monsters. Choose from 3 different levels: jumping from point to point in space, down on a tropical island with sparkling blue water, or on a pirate ship surrounded by sharks. Battle it out with up to 4 human players, or against up to 3 computer players. Choose between 2 game modes: Turn-based (normal mode) or simultaneous action (Oni mode). Choose between 2 game difficulties: easy or normal. Game play is fully customizable. Adjust the arena bounciness, number of rounds, or barrel spawn rate.

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