Multiversus Open Beta Launching July 26th, plus Iron Giant Update

MultiVersus is an upcoming Smash Bros-style game that has the fighting game esports community pretty excited. The title brings in characters from various media franchises and lets you duke it out with them all. The gameplay is reminiscent of Nintendo’s crossover fighter. We already have Multiversus tournaments at EVO, along with major players like SonicFox and some Smash players intending on competing.

Any development closer to release is good news here, and we’ve just heard about the MultiVersus Open Beta launching pretty soon. Hopefully the much covered Taz nerfs are coming with it.

MultiVersus Open Beta & Twitch Drops

The MultiVersus game has been in a closed-off beta for a little while now. Some players have had the chance to check out limited areas of gameplay from the game, including multiple characters. Things have been limited so far though.

The Open Beta is going to massively expand this out though. This will move the title into its next phase. A lot more people are going to be able to play with this stage of the game. The new MultiVersus Open Beta is going to be opening up on July 19th. Most people will be able to access this version of the game eventually. It’s irrelevant whether they were in previous early access groups.

This will be a soft launch for the game. It’s going to be available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. Being on every platform other than Switch means everyone has a Smash Bros-style game they can play through.

To sign up for early access, players can register on the MultiVersus website. There will also be Twitch drops between July 19 and 26 for access to the game.

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