‘MultiVersus’ players are unhappy with the Season 1 battle pass

Some MultiVersus players aren’t happy with the recently released battle pass for Season One of the platform fighter.

Fans of Player First Games’ platform fighter have been discussing yesterday’s (August 15) Season One rollout, with the lack of Gleemium – the game’s premium currency – in the battle pass, a contentious issue (via The Loadout).

At present, the premium version of the battle pass costs 950 Gleemium (roughly £7.99), and between that and the free battle pass players can unlock coins, badges, toast, banners, icons, taunts and other customisation options.

Comments on the Season One battle pass highlight how other online free-to-play games typically give you enough premium currency to purchase the next pass if you play enough, or how there are missing tier rewards in the free battle pass.

MultiVersus. Credit: Player First Games

Some players are saying they will instead see how far they can get in the battle pass before buying the premium tier (as you can see both free and premium unlock progress no matter what). Whether the battle pass will be changed due to fan feedback is currently unknown.

Both Beetlejuice and the Wicked Witch of the West might be coming to MultiVersus as well in the future, as their voice lines have been found in the game, and they also directly reference other characters. There’s currently no indication if and when they would be added to the game, however.

The characters of DC’s Black Adam and Gremlins’ Stripe are coming to the game for definite at some point however, as the two are currently front and centre in some ad material for the game.

In other video game news, a new “dark comedy” management sim called Bloody Hell Hotel has been announced, and it lets you suck the blood of your hotel guests.

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