MX vs ATV Legends Is Wide Open!

The legendary MX vs ATV series’ newest entry, MX vs ATV Legends, is available now for PS4/5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

Following up the success of 2020’s MX vs ATV All Out, the fan favorite racing series is back and better than ever with MX vs ATV Legends on consoles and PCs. In the mood to chill out and relax? Hop on a UTV for a casual ride up the California coastline. Want an all-out battle for trophies and bragging rights? Gear up on your preferred OEM’s dirt bike or ATV and let it rip against opponents on the couch or across the world! 

MX vs ATV Legends boasts a ton of improvements, including a deep career mode, massive open environments, unprecedented vehicle and gear customization, a refined physics system, split-screen and 16-player online multiplayer, and more. Oh, and the biggest OEM vehicle DLC in the history of the franchise available via DLC on Day 1! 

Players looking for a deeper investment in the game will love the new career mode, where your choices lead to different paths, sponsorship opportunities, and invitational events. Also new to the series is the Trails mode, which features high-intensity, point-to-point outdoor racing. Drop into a starting gate in the middle of a mountain range alongside your friends to face a course defined by Mother Nature’s harsh challenges! 

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