Nearly an hour of PC version of Dead Space remake in 4K and 60 FPS new game + and unattainable modes with one life will appear in this game

Last month, the EA invited journalists to a preview event for the Dead Space remake. There were some who attended the event, particularly the Polish gambling portal PPE.

The journalists have been able to play on a powerful PC three hours from start of the full game and interview senior producer Philippe Duchard.

There are various interesting points that emerged during the conversation. About them below:

The developers are not worried about a release next to the Callisto protocol and believe there is room for a lot of similar games in the market. The original Dead Space took about eleven hours to complete. Duchard noted that the basic structure of the remake hasn’t changed yet, but the passage will be affected by the chosen difficulty level. On top of this, there will be a few additions to the story, including side quests to encourage further exploration. The new mode will also provide complex monsters. Particularly hardcore fans can choose when they re-pass the Inpossible Mode. If death happens, they will have to start the whole game again. The studio first conducted an inspection in order to ask if it might be worth extending the series’s production with network components. Once the game’s successful, it became clear that the player’s only need for this. The developers consider that updated Dead Space a remake, and not a remaster. Asked whether the remake would be a fresh start for the series and pave the way for other titles, Duchard said they are currently focused on finishing this project and all discussions will come after, but noted that they lucky that studio has two independent teams and many members passionate about Dead Space.

Four hundred and sixty games: an hour in 4K and 60 FPS:

Graphics: Comparison:

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