New Alliances and Forgotten tracks play out in Surviving the Aftermath

A game in which you’re tasked with Surviving the Aftermath should already focus on the forgotten tracks and building of new alliances. And so it’s a bit of luck that the latest two DLC drops for Paradox Interactive’s simulation strategy centre directly on those aspects. 

Ever since 2019, Paradox Interactive have given players a choice – survive and thrive, or die in the wastelands of Surviving the Aftermath. Most of us have chosen the former, occasionally succumbing to the latter. 

Today though come new opportunities in the form of the New Alliances and Forgotten Tracks DLC packs. These help build out the structure of Surviving the Aftermath with additional options and opportunities. 

New Alliances will cost you some £12.49 in cash, and so this is certainly far from a cheap little add-on. In it, you’ll become the leader of humanity, looking to build groups and take in new covert missions in order to overcome any enemies that may get in your way. It’s an expansion which promises much, delivers new buildings and allows for more interaction than before. 

The key features of the New Alliances pack in Surviving the Aftermath include:

  • Stronger together: meet varied societies and help them with their requests to earn their loyalty and improve your colony with more than 12 new buildings. Positive interactions with other societies increase your reputation. But fail to meet their expectations and you’ll see them join your new rival, who will gain more control over the Wasteland.
  • New enemies in a Dynamic World Map: bandits and beasts scour the Wasteland, compelling you to protect your settlement and those of your allies. Groups of bandits terrorize survivors and take over key locations. Make sure to defend and support other societies by trading and constructing new buildings whenever possible. An expanded user interface allows you to manage every single step to the unification of the Wasteland.
  • Covert missions: shaping a new world isn’t easy. And while collaboration is key, leaders can influence societies in more… subtle ways. Sabotage, theft, espionage, and even propaganda will become tools in your arsenal, and specialists’ skills will affect how likely they are to succeed in a mission. Be mindful of the consequences though: failure will decrease your reputation and give more control to your rival and may cause the societies you targeted to retaliate.

And then we have the Forgotten Tracks DLC too – but this may not be exactly what you are imagining. See, for a mere £3.29 this is a much cheaper option, but in return you’re getting much less of an add-on, mostly focused on some new tunes that will help you survive the lands. Old tapes and cassettes bring forth these new tunes, with ten tracks and more than thirty minutes of tuneage to take in. 

The Forgotten Tracks Radio Pack adds the Easy Raider and Radiant Heart playlists as follows:

  • Easy Raider Playlist – Scout the Wasteland, gather resources, and fight enemies to the sound of rock! Easy Raider Playlist with 10 tracks and more than 30 minutes of music is every survivor’s dream playlist to thrive in the post-apocalyptic world.
  • Radiant Heart Playlist – Sun is setting on the horizon, the sound of an old guitar echoes in your settlement… This is the melody of survival. Ponder your next move with the Radiant Heart Playlist, 8 tracks with vocals from the Wasteland’s lost artists.

We shouldn’t need to explain that you’ll need a copy of Surviving the Aftermath in your digital library before even bothering to consider these two DLC drops. You’ll find that base game on the Xbox Store, playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. 

You’ll find Surviving the Aftermath on PlayStation, Switch and PC too.

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