New Command & Conquer Game ‘Tempest Rising’ Announced For PC

During the recent THQ Nordic showcase, Splitgate Ironworks revealed a new trailer for their newest project, Tempest Rising. The developers confirmed that it will release exclusively for PC later this year.

The announcement trailer for Tempest Rising can be viewed below, which gives a superficial look at how the combat will work in-game. Splitgate Ironworks also revealed that they are working in collaboration with 2B Games in the development process to deliver the best RTS experience at launch.

The exact release date will likely be revealed soon, considering there are only four months left to the end of 2022. In the meantime, players can add the game to their wishlist on Steam to get notified when it launches. According to its store page, Tempest Rising will have full controller support and cloud-saving abilities.


Tempest Rising is a command and conquer action game that aims to blend the classic RTS and modern production elements to create a never-before-seen experience. The game also emphasizes base-building and strategic thinking with the help of an isometric view. Players will take on the role of Commander of Global Defense Forces and lead their regiments in an ongoing battle against neutral populations to find resources. Set in a chaotic world after a nuclear war, Tempest Rising follows an alternate history scenario in which players can lead three factions, each requiring different tactics to be accomplished.

According to the developer team, Tempest Rising’s detailed gameplay and the rewarding system keep players’ focus on strategy rather than compelling them to dive into the action without creating their own tactics. In addition to two campaigns, the game features ranked and custom games along with a skirmish mode, allowing players to clash side by side. Players will also be able to customize their factions with a wide array of unit options. Each faction will have a different economy, meaning players will have to adapt their playstyle with new approaches to combat.

Tempest Rising will launch for PC via Steam in 2022. You can find the official system requirements on its Steam page.

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