New Donkey Kong Game Potentially Teased via Nintendo Update

A recent update from Nintendo has teased the arrival of a new game associated with Donkey Kong. For well over a year at this point, we’ve continued to hear that the Nintendo Switch could soon get a new title of some sort that is tied to the iconic ape. And while Nintendo has yet to confirm in any capacity that this will be happening, a recent move tied to the company may have just teased an upcoming Donkey Kong-related announcement. 

Spotted by @KRoolKountry on Twitter, Nintendo just updated its trademark filing for Donkey Kong at the end of June 2022. While this is something that companies have to do all the time to retain their various trademarks, Nintendo’s newest filing tied to Donkey Kong altered a few things. Notably, the trademark listing says that Donkey Kong has now been filed in such a way to involve “downloadable programs for home video game consoles.” With this in mind, some fans are of the belief that this could be Nintendo’s way of setting the stage for a new Donkey Kong game on Switch in the future.

Even though it would be logical for Nintendo to release a new Donkey Kong title for Switch, there is a chance that this trademark filing could be related to something else entirely. One possibility involves Nintendo bringing back a Donkey Kong game from the past in a new manner. Specifically, this could be tied to Donkey Kong 64, which is a game that a number of people have wanted to see playable on Nintendo Switch. In recent months, Nintendo has been bringing over N64 games to Nintendo Switch Online for subscribers to play as part of its “Expansion Pack” tier. And while nothing is official just yet, it very much seems like Donkey Kong 64 could be one of the titles landing on the platform at some point. 

Do you think this updated trademark from Nintendo is proof that we’re about to get an announcement involved with Donkey Kong soon? Let me know for yourself either down in the comments or hit me up over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.

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