New Dune Video Game Teased by Insider

A new video game based on the Dune series may be coming soon. The Dune saga, particularly the first novel from Frank Herbert, is a seminal piece of sci-fi. It has been a major influence for a number of major films including the even more influential Star Wars. Without Dune, we wouldn’t have a lot of the big pop culture cornerstones that we have now and for a long time, a lot of mainstream audiences weren’t terribly familiar with it because of how much it leans into its fictional world. In 2021, we got the film adaptation of Dune which helped introduce the world to be people in a far more digestible way. It was a pretty huge hit and a sequel in the works right now and it seems the gaming industry wants to ride that wave as well.

A cryptic tweet from The Snitch, an insider with a rock solid track record, featured a picture of someone wandering a desert with what appears to be multiple planets in the background. While some thought this was hinting at a game based on The Mandalorian or the next installment of Destiny, it appears to be something to do with Dune as it aligns with other pieces of art promoting that IP. As of right now, we don’t know what this means. A new Dune game was announced by Funcom not too long ago, so this could be related to that. Perhaps a trailer and more details for this Dune game will be shown off at Gamescom next week or this could be teasing another Dune project entirely.

Either way, the idea of a new game set within the Dune universe is immensely exciting. It’s an incredibly rich world filled with unique tech, layered politics, and amazing characters. With such an expansive world, the potential for a Dune game is palpable and could be a major hit if done right. As of right now, it remains to be seen what will be done with that universe in the gaming medium.

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