New Hogwarts Legacy trailer shows how PS5’s controller lets players ‘feel the magic’

A new Hogwarts Legacy trailer has shown off how the title utilises the PS5‘s DualSense controller during gameplay.

While much of the footage in the trailer below is from March’s Hogwarts Legacy State of Play presentation, it provides a glimpse into how haptic feedback, 3D audio and more are going to be used in the game.

Firstly, spells cast with the player’s wand will produce accompanying haptic feedback. A new PlayStation Blog post released alongside the video appears to suggest that the more advanced the spell, the more tension players will feel in the controller.

Hogwarts Legacy – Next Gen Immersion Trailer | PS5 Games

“We’ve specifically isolated these effects to the right side of the controller to let the DualSense become an extension of the wand you hold in the game,” said WB Games Avalanche community manager Chandler Wood.

“And when you deflect a spell with Protego, you’ll feel the sizzling of the magic being reflected and absorbed by the Shield Charm.”

Haptic feedback and adaptive triggers are also used in non-combat areas of the game, such as when creating potions or during various flying segments.

The light on the DualSense will also change colour depending on what house your character is sorted into: blue and bronze for Ravenclaw, scarlet and gold for Gryffindor, green and silver for Slytherin, and yellow and black for Hufflepuff.

The game will feature both fidelity and performance graphical options, according to the blog post. What resolution or frame rate they support isn’t clear, however.

While a release date for the game wasn’t revealed, the blog confirmed the game is still on track to release in holiday 2022 for PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC.