New Layers of Fears trailer details ‘The Final Note’ chapter

The latest Layers of Fears trailer has shown off The Final Note, one of the game’s new chapters.

The Final Note will see players take control of The Painter’s Wife, “a devastated musician whose side of the story we are yet to hear in its entirety, providing a new perspective behind the family’s tragedy,” according to developer Bloober Team.

Layers of Fears is a psychological-horror game set in the early 20th century that explores a madness-engulfed family and their slow descent into insanity.

Layers of Fears – Official Gamescom Trailer

Bloober says it’s a “journey heavily influenced by the many lenses of art, starting with Victorian painting and slowly unravelling into the worlds of music and film.”

It adds: “This game builds on the foundations of the franchise’s previous entries and works as a re-imagination of the overall narrative structure connecting them all. Layers of Fears will serve as a nexus where the revised stories of the original Layers of Fear and Layers of Fear 2 coalesce into a single unified experience that is expanded with the addition of new original chapters.”

Layers of Fears will release for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and Windows PC in early 2023.

“We are bringing back a franchise that is really special for us, in a new form that will give players a truly fresh gaming experience and that will shed new light on the overall story,” said Bloober Team CEO Piotr Babieno when the game was announced earlier this year.

“Our plan was to recreate the games, but we didn’t want to make it a simple collection of two remastered games. We’ve worked out a new approach, something that is maybe not yet obvious. But I can tell you there’s a reason why we called it Layers of Fears.”