New Marvel Rumor Is Worrying for Fans

A new Marvel multiplayer game may be in the works. Between Marvel’s Spider-Man and the upcoming Marvel’s Wolverine, Marvel fans that enjoy single-player games have been eating good and will continue to eat good. Marvel fans who prefer multiplayer games aren’t so lucky. While 2020’s Marvel’s Avengers isn’t a flop, it certainly wasn’t what Marvel fans were hoping for. Unfortunately, there’s not a ton of reason to be hopeful about this newly rumored game either. 

According to the rumor, a new Marvel PvPvE game is in development at Roundhouse Studios, a Bethesda-owned studio. Of course, Bethesda is owned by Xbox, which means if this rumor is true, the game will probably be an Xbox console exclusive. Unfortunately, this is the extent of the rumor., aka there are no other details divulged. 

Roundhouse Studios, for those that don’t know, is the old Human Head Studios. Formed in 2019, it hasn’t released a single game as Roundhouse Studios under Bethesda. As Human Head Studios, it’s most notable for its canceled Prey 2 game. Beyond this, it’s shipped quite a few middling games. Meanwhile, it also recently shipped The Quiet Man in 2018, one of the worst games of the last generation. And this is why the rumor is worrying. The team has hardly ever made an alright game, let alone a good game, let alone a great game. Why it would be let near the Marvel IP is unclear, but who knows, maybe it had a really good pitch and maybe the team under its new name and under Bethesda will be improved going forward. And of course, it’s possible Marvel fans have nothing to worry about because it’s possible this rumor isn’t true. 

The rumor comes the way of Skullzi, who relays the information based on what they’ve heard behind the scenes. The tidbit came part of a much larger rumor about Bethesda. Chiming in, prominent Xbox insider Nick Baker didn’t single out the Roundhouse Studios bit specifically, but he did seemingly validate the larger rumor by noting he’s heard similar. In other words, there seems to be some smoke here, and where there is smoke, there’s fire. 

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