New Nintendo Switch Online Freebie Saves Subscribers $20

A new Nintendo Switch Online freebie saves subscribers $20. In addition to new Sega Genesis games, Switch Online subscribers on Switch, Switch Lite, and Switch OLED have been offered an additional freebie, but there’s a catch; it’s limited to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack members, the more premium version of the subscription service that gets you access to N64 games, Sega Genesis games, exclusive icons, and apparently free DLC for Switch games. If you’re an Expansion Pack owner, you can now download the Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion, which normally costs $20, for free. The news was shared alongside today’s release date announcement for Splatoon 3.

According to Nintendo, playing the DLC is “a great way to train” for Splatoon 3. In other words, it seems the motivation behind this freebie is simply some synergy and one last attempt to make new Splatoon fans before the release of Splatoon 3. It’s unclear how long this offer is available, which may suggest it’s a permanent offer, as otherwise, you’d expect some information to be provided on the window of opportunity.

“In this single-player campaign DLC for the Splatoon 2 game, you play as Agent 8-an amnesiac Octoling-who’s trying to escape a mysterious underground facility with the help Pearl, Marina, and Cap’n Cuttlefish,” reads an official production description of the expansion. “Will Agent 8 reach the surface of Inkopolis? What odd-yet-charming characters will they meet? Why does this paragraph have so many question marks?? The adventure spans 80 missions and can offer a nice challenge for Splatoon fans. Completing the DLC campaign will also unlock Octolings (Girl or Boy) as playable characters in Splatoon 2 multiplayer battles!”

As noted above, the Expansion Pack costs extra. Rather than the $20 a year standard Switch Online subscribers pay, those with the Expansion Pack pay $50 a year. 

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