New on DVD: Video game adaptation an ‘Uncharted’ adventure

A blockbuster based on a video game franchise tops the DVD releases for the week of May 10.

“Uncharted”: A young pickpocket/bartender gets recruited for the adventure of a lifetime, hunting down Magellan’s gold, in this swashbuckling action film featuring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg.

“While ‘Uncharted’ should be a rip-roaring adventure, it neither rips nor roars,” writes Tribune News Service critic Katie Walsh in her review. “Instead, it’s a rather basic travelogue through various far-flung locations, filled with riddles, puzzles, symbols, keys and historical fun facts, like a ‘Da Vinci Code’ with abs.”

However, the star power of the leads proved undeniable. “If ‘Uncharted’ survives on one thing, it’s the charming banter between Holland and Wahlberg,” Walsh writes. “While Holland is a bit youthful for the role, he’s in a fun zone as a naughtier, zippier version of his Queens-born city kid Peter Parker. He’s matched by Wahlberg, who is locked in his signature high-pitched/rapid fire, ‘say hi to ya mother for me’ cadence. The pair are so entertaining to watch that it’s a letdown when Holland interacts with anyone else.”

New on DVD May 10

“Dog”: Comedy starring Channing Tatum, who also co-directed, as a wounded veteran driving his friend’s combat dog to his funeral in Arizona.

“The Cursed”: A pathologist with personal demons of his own travels to a small village to investigate a supernatural occurrence in this horror film set in 19th-century Europe.

“Abraham Lincoln”: Three-part History Channel miniseries tracking the life of the 16th president, from his childhood to political rise and wartime leadership during the Civil War.

“Clean”: This revenge film was a labor of love for Adrien Brody, who not only stars as a garbage man with a dark past, but produced the film, composed the score, contributed original music and co-wrote the script as well.

“Dark Night of the Scarecrow 2”: Horror movie about a mother and son who move to a small town where they are terrorized by an animated scarecrow.

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