New PS5, PS4 Games Releasing This Week (12 August 8th-12)

It’s a new week, and there’s lots of new games here. Sadly, you may not expect to know you’re in full control, but in order to remember how your bank account is in order to keep track of the progress and results of new games in PS5 and PS4. The mid-summer lul is in full force and has seen it now with just a handful of new releases on Sony’s platforms. Maybe it’s just a sign of going outside, getting some vitamin D, and seeing what real life ray-retracing looks like?

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In these weeks highlights include two points campus, an education seminar with a twist. You may find some fun in a building the dream university. Or nightmares. Your decision.

Classic Racers Elite is the first game that started on Steam a couple of years ago and was released in January. This new Elite rendition falls into the free-to-play position and puts players in the driving seat of classic cars from the Gentlemans.

For those who prefer hopping between genres, Aracade Paradise will take over the weekend. You throw a dirty leash and it takes your work to make it the best game of the city with 35 to play. There is certainly something you can keep busy with in the collection.

It’s finally coming soon for PlayStation.

All new PS5, PS4 and the August 8th.

Monday August 8th

Nada. Nothing. Nichts.

Tuesday the 9th of August

  • Two Point Campus – PS5, PS4 – PS5.
  • Classic Racers – Elite P-5.

Thursday August 10th

  • Book Qest, PS5 and PS4 Book Books.

July 11th

  • Cult of the Lambs PS5, PS4: The Lamb’s in order.
  • Rumbleverse, PS5 and PS4 also play a role.
  • Arcade Paradise MP5, PS4.

Friday August 12th, 2016!

  • Voyage PS5, PS4.
  • Superbulletin blasted PS4.
  • UP: Revision of Digimon Survive Review.

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