New video game company to create job opportunities for Barbadians

Video game enthusiasts will be given the opportunity to work in Barbados doing what they love following the launch of the first video game company in the Caribbean.

Playtropic Inc. which offers video game services to companies across the world, officially opened its doors on Friday, August 26, in Building No.5 Harbour Road, St Michael.

Speaking to the media during this historic occasion, President and Founder Joel Benton contended that Barbadians and persons who live in the Caribbean will finally be able to benefit from this billion-dollar industry.

“I wanted to bring some of the prosperity of the video games industry, a fantastic industry, a 200 billion dollar industry to Barbados and if we can build a significant company here based on testing video games then I think we can build the skills necessary to actually create video games here. It would be meaningful to Barbadians and everybody else around the Caribbean.”

Benton continued by explaining that although there is a significant-sized gaming community in Barbados, persons were usually forced to seek employment abroad due to the lack of job opportunities.

“There is a big gaming community in Barbados but there were no places for those people to work without leaving and going to Europe and North America.”

He encouraged both men and women who are interested in the video games industry to take full advantage of this opportunity which could potentially create 200 or 300 jobs soon.

“We’ve just launched the company today and we hope to get CVs from men and women who care about video games, who like playing video games and who want to spend their time testing video games. We hope to be up to 200 or 300 people very soon.”

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