News – 2023, Week 03

TodaySun, 22nd Jan 2023

  • Poll Box Art Brawl: Duel: Panic Bomber (Virtual Boy)


    Hello folks, welcome to another edition of Box Art Brawl!
    In last week’s edition, we took a look at Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge for the Game Boy. We honestly thought this would be a closer fight, as both box art variants were pretty great, but what do we know? North America and Europe absolutely smashed it, roping in 74% of the…

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    Guide Fire Emblem Engage – Tips And Tricks To Get You Started

    Alear-ning curve

    Fire Emblem Engage, Intelligent Systems’ latest tactical RPG extravaganza, has finally arrived on Switch and we reckon it’s a bit of a banger, with our recent review handing it an ‘Excellent’ 9/10 score.
    As is tradition with this long-running franchise, the tactical action here is very much of the easy-to-learn,…

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    News Fire Emblem Engage amiibo Unlocks Detailed, Here’s What You’ll Receive

    Costumes and music are up for grabs

    Nintendo’s latest game Fire Emblem Engage also supports amiibo functionality. If you are wondering what each amiibo does you might want to read on…
    We now know what amiibo are compatible with the game and what exactly they unlock – either an item of clothing or a music track. Here’s a quick rundown courtesy of…

  • GamerCityNews 250x183 News - 2023, Week 03

    News Ark: Survival Evolved Has Been Updated Again For Switch

    Version 2.0.5 has landed

    Ark: Survival Evolved got a massive overhaul on the Nintendo Switch last year with the release of the ‘Ultimate Survivor Edition’.
    In case you missed it, it improved visual quality and performance, reduced load times and added in a number of quality-of-life features including inventory management. Fast forward to 2023, and…

  • GamerCityNews 250x183 News - 2023, Week 03

    News Session: Skate Sim Shreds Onto Nintendo Switch In 2023

    Made by skaters, for skaters

    Update [Sun 22nd Jan, 2023 02:25 GMT]: A listing for Sessions: Skate Sim has now appeared on the Switch eShop and Nintendo’s official website. It will apparently be arriving on 16th March 2023.
    There’ll be two versions – the standard one for $49.99 USD (or your regional equivalent) and the Deluxe Edition for $59.99, and…

YesterdaySat, 21st Jan 2023

  • GamerCityNews 415x240 News - 2023, Week 03

    Poll Do You Want Weapon Degradation To Return In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom?

    Break it down

    When it comes to ways that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild flipped the script for the wider series, there is a list of ’em so long that it almost rivals the number of those darn Korok Seeds out there. *shakes fist to the sky* One of the changes that we almost can’t believe actually happened, however, was the sheer number of…

  • GamerCityNews 415x240 News - 2023, Week 03

    Guide Best Pixel Art Switch Games

    Our pick of impeccable pixels

    Of all the art styles in video games, none has a stronger chokehold on developers and players alike than the humble pixel. Whether it’s a fantastically detailed modern take on what is possible in pixels, or something made in homage to NES and SNES games of yore, pixel art can be found everywhere — in every genre of…

  • GamerCityNews 250x183 News - 2023, Week 03

    Soapbox Fire Emblem Engage’s Nintendo NYC Launch Felt Pretty Unengaging

    The red carpet stayed rolled up

    It was Fire Emblem Engage launch day and Nintendo Life had boots on the ground in New York City to document the launch of Intelligent Systems’ latest entry in the series, at Nintendo NYC in Rockefeller Center.
    Nintendo fans in New York City are spoiled. We have Nintendo’s flagship retail shop, replete with Marios…

  • GamerCityNews 250x183 News - 2023, Week 03

    Gallery Fire Emblem Engage Main Character Designer Shares Stunning Artwork Of Heroes

    Mika Pikazo has also helped design VTubers

    Update [Sat 21st Jan, 2023 02:30 GMT]: Mika Pikazo has shared some new artwork to celebrate the release of Fire Emblem Engage. Below you can see Marth and Veyle:

    Original story [Tue 17th Jan, 2023 03:15 GMT]: It’s hard to believe but we’re already up to our first major Nintendo release of the year…

  • GamerCityNews 250x183 News - 2023, Week 03

    News Fire Emblem Engage Voice Actors Officially Announce Their Characters

    The voices behind the heroes

    Fire Emblem Engage not only has amazing character artwork but it’s also got some talented voice actors helping bring the heroes and villains in the game to life.
    Now, to celebrate the release this week, many of the western voice actors have been sharing thank you messages on social media to both Nintendo and fans of the…

  • GamerCityNews 250x183 News - 2023, Week 03

    News Mario Kart Tour Teases New Mii Content In Next Week’s Winter Update

    Even more Racing Suits are on the way

    Nintendo’s mobile racing game Mario Kart Tour is beginning to wrap up its Space Tour and that means a new event is about to begin. Starting next week on 25th January, racers will be able to participate in the new Winter Tour.
    As part of this, there’ll also be a new round of Mii Racing Suits. The suit already…

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    Talking Point What Are You Playing This Weekend? (January 21st)

    Flame on

    January has felt like a long one, we’ll admit, but we are almost at the end of it now and we have Nintendo’s first big release of 2023 to show for it! After all the character profiles, gameplay trailers and developer interviews, Fire Emblem Engage is finally here in all of its tactical glory.
    In recognition of the gaming year starting to…

  • GamerCityNews 250x183 News - 2023, Week 03

    Random Zelda BOTW Speedrunner Beats Game 50 Times In Less Than 24 Hours

    That’s one way to send off Nintendo’s masterpiece

    You might have thought about playing through The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild one last time before the arrival of Tears of the Kingdom, but how about another 50 times instead? That’s what a speedrunner known as ‘Player 5’ recently did, and to top it off – it was achieved in under 24 hours. In…

Friday20th Jan 2023

  • GamerCityNews 415x240 News - 2023, Week 03
  • GamerCityNews 415x240 News - 2023, Week 03

    Random ‘WATA Certified’ Pokémon Yellow Apparently Mauled By US Customs


    We’ve heard some horror stories in the past about games and consoles that have been sent off and didn’t make it to the other end, but this story takes it to another level. A WATA-graded copy of the Game Boy classic Pokémon Yellow has been completely destroyed, apparently after an encounter with US Customs.
    As explained by Nightdive…

  • GamerCityNews 250x183 News - 2023, Week 03

    News Disney Dreamlight Valley Will Be Getting Storage Upgrades In Next Update

    Chest augmentation

    Anyone who’s played Disney Dreamlight Valley for longer than a few minutes will have noticed the woeful state of affairs that is the storage system. Each chest can only hold two rows of items — that’s sixteen slots in total, which is not nearly enough for most people, especially since Dreamlight Valley often asks for humungous…

  • GamerCityNews 250x183 News - 2023, Week 03

    News Ys X: Nordics Announced For Nintendo Switch, Launching In 2023

    Update: Ys Memoire: The Oath in Felghana locks in a date

    Update [Fri 20th Jan, 2023 06:25 GMT]: Following a reveal at the end of last year, Falcom has now confirmed Ys Memoire: The Oath in Felghana will be released in Japan on 27th April 2023.
    Below is a look at the box art which will feature reversible cover classic art. Pre-orders in Japan will…

  • GamerCityNews 250x183 News - 2023, Week 03

    News Gulikit’s ‘Hall Joystick’ Promises To Eliminate Drifing For Your Switch Joy-Con

    “Drop in with no hassles”

    Gaming accessory company Gulikit has released a new ‘Hall Joystick’ for Switch Joy-Con controllers, promising no drifting or wear and tear with easy “drop in” installation.
    We’re currently in the process of procuring a set for ourselves, so look out for our verdict in the near future, but for now you can check out the…

  • GamerCityNews 250x183 News - 2023, Week 03

    News Early Donkey Kong Design Document From Miyamoto Showcases ‘Popeye’ Origin

    “I yam what I yam an’ tha’s all I yam”

    If you’ve swotted up on your gaming history, then you’ll perhaps already know that the original Donkey Kong from 1981 (lord almighty…) actually started life as a Popeye the Sailor Man project, featuring the main man himself alongside Olive Oyl and antagonist Bluto.
    As the tale goes, Nintendo had failed to…

  • GamerCityNews 250x183 News - 2023, Week 03

    News Nintendo Will Reportedly “Boost” Switch Production In 2023

    “Sustained demand” expected for at least another year

    The Switch is still selling like there’s no tomorrow and it seems Nintendo won’t be slowing down production any time soon.
    According to a new report from Bloomberg, the Kyoto-based video game giant actually plans to “increase production” of the hybrid machine in its sixth year after shifting…

  • GamerCityNews 250x183 News - 2023, Week 03

    News Octopath Traveler II’s Newest Character Trailer Is Absolutely Gorgeous

    Meet Ochette and Castti

    Octopath Traveler II’s release is fast approaching, and Square Enix has dropped the next character trailer for two more of our eight protagonists — Ochette, the Hunter, and Castti, the Apothecary. There are also some brand new details about the world and characters in a new blog post (via

  • GamerCityNews 250x183 News - 2023, Week 03

    Quiz Do You Know The Meaning Behind These Pokémon Names?

    Signed, Seel’d, Delibird

    Did you know that most Pokémon names are puns? Yes, you did, but we had to intro this whole quiz somehow. Yup, there are over 1,000 puns of varying quality in the Pokédex these days, and most of them are different from the original Japanese puns… meaning that there are probably at least 2,000 puns in total between…

  • GamerCityNews 250x183 News - 2023, Week 03

    Talking Point In 2023, Do You Still Care About amiibo?

    Or are you amiibored?

    Nintendo’s amiibo line has been going for over eight years now. Originally launched back on November 21st, 2014 in North America alongside Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, the toys-to-life figurine series has maintained relatively steady interest while competitors like Disney Infinity and Skylanders have completely fallen by the…

  • GamerCityNews 130x95 News - 2023, Week 03

    News Factorio Is Getting A $5 Price Increase “To Account For Inflation”

    The second price increase in 5 years

    It’s no secret that things are costing more these days — and games have been hit just as hard as groceries, rent, and medication, with base prices for new, AAA releases steadily climbing up to (and sometimes past) the $100 mark.
    But it seems like those price increases are also affecting older games, as the…

  • GamerCityNews 130x95 News - 2023, Week 03

    News First 4 Figures Unveils Stunning New Mario Kart Statue, Pre-Orders Now Open

    Get racing!

    First 4 Figures have put out some absolutely stunning Nintendo statues in the past, and this latest one is just as impressive. It’s a brand new “high-quality PVC” Mario Kart collectible.
    “Everything you know and love” about the Mario Kart series has apparently been brought to life in this statue – with small but significant details like…

  • GamerCityNews 130x95 News - 2023, Week 03

    News Surprise! Fire Emblem Engage Is Getting A Manga Series

    It all makes sense now

    In surprising news, Nintendo has announced a manga adaptation of the new Switch release Fire Emblem Engage.
    As highlighted by Siliconera, this serialisation will make its debut in Shonen Jump next month on 3rd of February with a prologue release. After this, chapters will be released on a monthly basis, with the first one due…

  • GamerCityNews 130x95 News - 2023, Week 03
  • GamerCityNews 130x95 News - 2023, Week 03

    News One Of 2022’s Best Shmups Blasts Onto Switch Next Month

    Drainus, from Team Ladybug

    Remember how we were begging for Team Ladybug’s gorgeous-looking shmup Drainus to make its way to Switch? Well, it looks like someone was listening! PLAYISM is bringing the 2D side-scrolling shooter to the eShop on 2nd February.
    The port was announced a few months ago, but publisher PLAYISM only revealed the game’s…

  • GamerCityNews 130x95 News - 2023, Week 03

    News Cult Of The Lamb Teases New Content, Dungeons, And Secrets In “Major” Free Update


    Massive Monster, the Australian studio behind runaway indie success Cult of the Lamb, have been hard at work making updates, patches, and quality of life improvements to the game since its release in 2022.
    Earlier this week, they released an update that made several changes to the game, allowing players to perform mass blessings, auto cook…

  • GamerCityNews 130x95 News - 2023, Week 03

    News ‘Pocket Card Jockey’ Could Come To Switch If Mobile Version Does Well

    Champing at the bit

    Pocket Card Jockey, Game Freak’s strange little 3DS mashup of solitaire and horse racing, recently came out on mobile devices, to the delight of anyone who enjoyed the game (e.g. anyone who played it). Nevertheless, it was a little disappointing not to see it come to Switch, since it was a 3DS exclusive to begin with, and Game…

  • GamerCityNews 130x95 News - 2023, Week 03

    News ‘Active-Time’ Deckbuilding Game ‘Brave’s Rage’ Deals Its Hand On Switch Soon

    Launching early February

    Publisher Astrolabe Games and developer ISVR have announced that Brave’s Rage, an “active-time” deckbuilding game, will be launching on the Nintendo Switch on February 2nd, 2023.
    The game will combine an action-time bar (ATB) system that’s commonly seen in traditional JRPG titles with standard deckbuilding gameplay. It’s…

Thursday19th Jan 2023

  • GamerCityNews 415x240 News - 2023, Week 03

    Guide Where To Buy Fire Emblem Engage On Switch

    Divine Edition already selling out fast!

    Fire Emblem Engage launches on Nintendo Switch this week – and there’s a lovely Divine Edition release on the way, too.
    Orders for both the Divine Edition and the standard physical release for the game are now live at a number of retailers. Stock for the Divine Edition is already selling out at major…

  • GamerCityNews 415x240 News - 2023, Week 03

    Talking Point Does Nintendo’s Next Console Have To Be ‘Another’ Switch?

    Bait and Switch?

    Let’s talk about comeback stories. The Mighty Ducks. Robert Downey Jr. Rocky. Nintendo in 2017. Yep, after the launch of the Wii U, many may have thought that the Big N was out for the count (well, not completely, but certainly left licking its proverbial wounds), but did this come to pass? You bet your chunky GamePad it didn’t…

  • GamerCityNews 250x183 News - 2023, Week 03

    News Dead Cells’ Castlevania DLC Looks Like Symphony Of The Night Reincarnated

    Short trailer reveals first glimpse at gameplay

    When Motion Twin announced that it would be collaborating with Konami to bring Castlevania content to Dead Cells, you can bet we immediately started sharpening our throwing axes and stocking up on holy water.
    Titled Dead Cells: Return To Castlevania, the major DLC expansion is due to launch at some…

  • GamerCityNews 250x183 News - 2023, Week 03

    Talking Point What Is The Most Frustrated You’ve Ever Been With A Video Game?

    From button mashing to controller smashing

    We love playing video games. It can be a mode of escape, a time to relax, a story to get deep into, or something to stimulate the mind. But the fact of the matter is, we also hate playing video games. They can be really hard, we lose unfairly, a mechanic doesn’t sit right, or we forget to save.
    Of course,…

  • GamerCityNews 250x183 News - 2023, Week 03

    News Ubisoft CEO Apologises For Internal Comments After Weak Software Sales

    “I heard your feedback and I’m sorry”

    Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has reportedly apologised to staff for a recent comment in which he stated that “the ball is in your court” regarding getting the major publisher back on track.
    As reported by Kotaku, Guillemot took part in a company-wide Q&A session with Ubisoft staff and opened the meeting by…

  • GamerCityNews 250x183 News - 2023, Week 03

    News Sting’s Wii Party RPG ‘Dokapon Kingdom’ Is Coming To Switch

    Update: Western release confirmed

    Update [Thu 19th Jan, 2023 16:35 GMT]: Idea Factory International has confirmed that Dokapon Kingdom: Connect is coming to the West! Idea Factory will be handling publishing duties for the game in the West.
    Along with an official English trailer, we know that this remaster will be launching (physically and…

  • GamerCityNews 250x183 News - 2023, Week 03

    News Cult Of The Lamb’s Latest Update Adds “Massive Quality Of Life Improvements”

    Rename your cult, perform mass blessings and more!

    At the very end of last year, the Cult of the Lamb developed mentioned how there was more content planned for 2023. It’s now kicked off the new year with a “massive” quality of life update – allowing plkayers to perform mass blessings, auto cook and fish, rebind controls and even rename their cult…

  • GamerCityNews 250x183 News - 2023, Week 03

    Random ‘Wii Shop Wednesday’ Twitter Account Is Closing Shop

    Super Mario RPG… Sonic the Hedgehog, Donkey Kong 3

    Update Day! We all love Update Day, don’t we? Every Wednesday, we all love to shop for the best Wii games when the Wii Shopping Channel gets updated with new games to buy. And, of course, that was the genesis of sketch comedy group Nirvana The Band The Show’s little skit about surfin’ the Wii…

  • GamerCityNews 250x183 News - 2023, Week 03

    News Fire Emblem Engage Launch Day Update Now Available, Here Are The Patch Notes

    Will you be engaging?

    Ahead of the game’s official release tomorrow, Nintendo has released the customary day one patch for Fire Emblem Engage. The Big N has also shared the brief patch notes over on its website (thanks, Nintendo Everything!).
    Like most day one updates, this one preps the game for full online functionality including the Expansion…

  • GamerCityNews 250x183 News - 2023, Week 03

    News Patent Suggests That New Nintendogs Is On The Horizon, Potentially For Mobile

    Are we barking up the wrong tree?

    It has been 12 long years since we last heard the infamous instructions of “Lucky, Daisy, Baxter” while we sat in a completely sound-proofed room attempting to teach our dog its name in the 3DS’ Nintendogs + Cats. Of course, this followed the six-year wait after the release of the original Nintendogs on the DS — a…

  • GamerCityNews 130x95 News - 2023, Week 03
  • GamerCityNews 130x95 News - 2023, Week 03
  • GamerCityNews 130x95 News - 2023, Week 03

    Nintendo Download 19th January (North America)

    Fire Emblem! Persona! A Space for the Unbound!

    The latest Nintendo Download update for North America has arrived, and it’s bringing new games galore to the eShop in your region. As always, be sure to drop a vote in our poll and comment down below with your potential picks for the week. Enjoy!
    Switch eShop – Highlights:
    Fire Emblem Engage…

  • GamerCityNews 130x95 News - 2023, Week 03

    Poll Fire Emblem Engage Is Out On Switch This Week, Are You Getting It?

    Nintendo’s first big release of 2023 has arrived

    It’s now officially 2023 and that means Fire Emblem Engage is almost here. Yes, in case you somehow missed it, Nintendo’s first major Switch release of the year is almost here.
    It’s got a brand new story, new and old characters, and is more focused on combat compared to its predecessor. In our…

  • GamerCityNews 130x95 News - 2023, Week 03

    News Japanese Best-Seller ‘Ninja JaJaMaru’ Gets Multiple Collections On Switch

    Out February

    Jaleco’s classic Ninja JaJaMaru series makes its grand return in February, bursting onto the Switch with three different collections that will be available on 21st February!
    Published by ININ Games, all three collections will be available on the Switch eShop, along with some physical releases. Many of the games on these collections…

  • GamerCityNews 130x95 News - 2023, Week 03
  • GamerCityNews 130x95 News - 2023, Week 03

    News Sega Confirms “More” Sonic Prime Is Coming Later This Year

    Primed and ready

    The first season of Sonic Prime launched on Netflix at the end of last year with an eight-episode run. If you’re ready for another serving of the blue blur, the good news is there’s more on the way.
    In a brief message on social media, Sega has teased “more Sonic Prime” will be coming at some point in 2023. The first season saw…

  • GamerCityNews 130x95 News - 2023, Week 03

    Japanese Charts Nintendo Switch And Pokémon Continue To Dominate The Top Spot

    Back after the boosted Christmas numbers

    The latest Japanese charts are in from Famitsu and this time we are seeing a return to the kind of numbers that we would expect after last week’s figures accounted for a longer period of time.
    As usual, this is a big one for Nintendo. The software sales are still all about Pokémon Scarlet and Violet despite…

  • GamerCityNews 130x95 News - 2023, Week 03

    News Helvetii Isn’t Vanillaware’s Next Game, But It Sure Looks Like It

    A watercolour wonder

    We always want more games to feature watercolour-esque or hand-drawn visuals, and Helvetii — an upcoming action game from Team KwaKwa (developers of Soup Raiders) — looks like it’s going to give us our fix. And we won’t have to wait long, as the game hits the Switch eShop on 3rd February!
    Inspired by Vanillaware’s stunning…

  • GamerCityNews 130x95 News - 2023, Week 03

    News Critically Acclaimed Action RPG ‘Nobody Saves The World’ Receives A Free Update

    Celebrate the first anniversary in the Impossible Dungeon

    The critically acclaimed action RPG Nobody Saves The World is celebrating its first anniversary with a free update.
    This update adds a carnival-themed “endless” dungeon and a new unlockable dinosaur form. The title is also discounted across “most” platforms by 40%. Nintendo Switch is…

  • GamerCityNews 130x95 News - 2023, Week 03

    News The Persona 3 And 4 Launch Trailers Will Take Your Heart

    “Every day’s great at your Junes!”

    Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden are out now for the Nintendo Switch, and to celebrate, Altus has released launch trailers for each game along with an additional trailer showcasing the digital bundle that players can opt for if you’re after a wee discount (just ignore all the Xbox branding… heh).
    For a…

  • GamerCityNews 130x95 News - 2023, Week 03

    News Fashion Police Squad Stitches Fabulous February Release Date On Switch

    Work it!

    A first-person shooter where instead of killing your enemies you are giving them a stylish makeover is a brilliant idea on its own, but when you throw in the ability to swing around your environment — à la Spider-Man — from a designer belt, this becomes a concept like no other. Developed by the small team at Mopeful Games, Fashion…

  • GamerCityNews 130x95 News - 2023, Week 03

    News Void Prison Is A Fast-Paced Pixel Art Arcade Shooter, And It’s Out Today

    The walls are closing in

    Developer Sneakybox’s new game Void Prison might be one to add to your Switch collection if you’re a fan of fast-paced arcade shoot-em-ups.
    Launching today, the game tasks you with surviving in an ever shrinking void ring for as long as possible. Enemies will come flying from all directions to try and knock you out, but if…

  • GamerCityNews 130x95 News - 2023, Week 03

    News Surreal Musical Action-Adventure ‘Figment 2: Creed Valley’ Locks In Release Date

    Where is my mind

    The sequel to the 2017 action-adventure Figment is coming to Switch later this year, bringing with it a new co-op mode that will encourage players to discuss mental health with their loved ones.
    Figment 2: Creed Valley is a surreal action-adventure that takes you deep into the human psyche, in a world shattered by Nightmares…

Wednesday18th Jan 2023

  • GamerCityNews 415x240 News - 2023, Week 03

    News This Turn-Based Mystery RPG Sneaked Up On Us, And It Looks Absolutely Brilliant

    To-mayto, to-Mato

    A lot is coming out in 2023, but somehow, a turn-based RPG that combines a neo-futuristic world with mystery-solving completely passed us by — until today. Mato Anomalies comes from Chinese-based developer Arrowiz and is coming to Switch on 10th March 2023.
    That’s in the middle of a crowded period for RPG fans, but the…

  • GamerCityNews 415x240 News - 2023, Week 03

    News Splatoon 3 Version 2.1.0 Is Now Live, Here Are The Full Patch Notes

    It’s a big one!

    Update [Wed 18th Jan, 2023 03:00 GMT]: This update (Version 2.1.0) has gone live for Splatoon 3 – update your copy today in order to continue playing online.

    Original story [Tue 17th Jan, 2023 01:15 GMT]: Last week, we got the heads up that Nintendo would likely be delivering a brand new patch update for Splatoon 3 sometime soon…

  • GamerCityNews 250x183 News - 2023, Week 03
  • GamerCityNews 250x183 News - 2023, Week 03

    Review A Space For The Unbound – A Beautifully Rendered, Breathtaking Adventure Game

    Yes, you can pet all the cats

    We began our time with Mojiken Studio’s A Space For The Unbound curled up on our sofa, cup of steaming tea close by, with winter rain softly rapping against the window. Much like reading a good book, it felt right to play this slice-of-life adventure game this way; it pulled us in immediately in with its gorgeous…

  • GamerCityNews 250x183 News - 2023, Week 03
  • GamerCityNews 250x183 News - 2023, Week 03

    Random “Walupeach” Was Almost A Thing, But Miyamoto Vetoed Before Seeing The Designs

    The purple princess

    Waluigi has grown to become one of the most popular characters in the Mario series — one circuit on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe online confirms as much — but did you know that there was once a design for another evil “Wa” inversion in the franchise, this time focused on Peach?
    The prospect of “Walupeach” had never entered the gaming…

  • GamerCityNews 250x183 News - 2023, Week 03

    News Don’t Let This Trailer Fool You, The Switch Isn’t Getting A New Operating System

    Oof, cheeky

    Well, we’ve seen some publishers push their luck with their marketing at times, but this one really takes the biscuit.
    RedDeer Games has unveiled nOS: New Operating System, a new game for the Switch that lightly simulates the experience of a personal computer, albeit with cute visuals and a significantly more simplified user experience…

  • GamerCityNews 250x183 News - 2023, Week 03

    Random Looks Like Hollywood’s Super Nintendo World Desserts Are A Downgrade On Japan’s

    Let them eat cake!

    We are nearing the grand opening of Super Nintendo World Hollywood on 17th February, when the US take on the much-discussed Japanese attraction will open its doors (pipes?) for the first time.
    In the build up to the big day, we have seen a lot of snaps from those who have been lucky enough to visit in press tours and promotion…

  • GamerCityNews 250x183 News - 2023, Week 03

    Random Fan’s Recreation Of Radiohead Album Using Mario 64 Music Is Utterly Brilliant

    ‘In Rainbow Roads’

    Have you ever wanted to know what Radiohead’s incredible 2007 album ‘In Rainbows’ sounded like if it was the soundtrack to an N64 game? Then look no further. The hugely talented on4word has recreated the entire album using music and sound effects from Super Mario 64. The premise is ridiculous, but the results are actually…

  • GamerCityNews 250x183 News - 2023, Week 03

    News Brutal Pixel Art Metroidvania ‘Elderand’ Launches On Switch Next Month

    Heads will roll

    Publisher Graffiti Games and developer Mantra have announced a new pixel art Metroidvania called Elderand, due to launch on Nintendo Switch and PC on February 16th, 2023.
    Utilising a classic pixel art visual style, the game is a true gore-fest with blood and monsters all over the shop. It will implement RPG elements, crafting…

  • GamerCityNews 130x95 News - 2023, Week 03

    News Nintendo Switch Crowned Best-Selling Console In US For Fifth Year In A Row

    But PS5 was the top revenue earner in 2022

    As we get closer to the sixth anniversary of the Switch, it seems Nintendo’s beloved hybrid system has broken yet another record. According to the latest NPD Group data for 2022 (via industry analyst Mat Piscatella), the Switch was officially the best-selling console for the fifth year in a row in the US…

  • GamerCityNews 130x95 News - 2023, Week 03

    Soapbox Zelda Should Be Given The Paper Mario Treatment

    Paper Zelda: The Thousand-Year Door (of Time)

    Nintendo struck gold when they made the first Paper Mario. They figured out how to take a beloved series like Super Mario, put a slight twist on it, and create something entirely new that doesn’t feel stale, doesn’t feel like a flimsy spin-off, and best of all, is better than most Super Mario games…

  • GamerCityNews 130x95 News - 2023, Week 03

    News Thunderful’s SteamWorld Teaser Was Just Another Announcement Tease

    Update: New details coming on Monday

    Update [Wed 18th Jan, 2023 16:30 GMT]: So what was that new announcement from Thunderful games? We’ll have to wait a little bit longer! Thunderful Games did share a SteamWorld-related update today at 3pm GMT — except it was just another, proper tease for an additional announcement.
    On 23rd January at 5:30pm…

  • GamerCityNews 130x95 News - 2023, Week 03

    News Surprise! Bandai Namco Is Uploading The Tales Of Symphonia Anime To YouTube

    Episode one is now available

    Bandai Namco is getting right behind the upcoming Tales of Symphonia Remastered release next month, and in a surprising move, the company has decided to upload Tales of Symphonia: The Animation to YouTube to help promote the game.
    The anime is technically three separate OVA series that retell the story of Tales of…

  • GamerCityNews 130x95 News - 2023, Week 03

    News Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Was The Best-Selling Switch Game In The US Last Year

    No surprises here

    To wind up last year, NPD Group has shared new information about video game consumer spending habits in the US. Apart from Switch being labelled the best-selling system of the year in this particular market, we’ve also got a round-up of the “top 10 best-sellers” (based on dollar sales) for Nintendo platforms in 2022…

  • GamerCityNews 130x95 News - 2023, Week 03

    Soapbox Whether The Rumour Is True Or Not, Baten Kaitos Deserves A Remake

    A white whale

    Soapbox features enable our individual writers and contributors to voice their opinions on hot topics and random stuff they’ve been chewing over. Today, rumours of a potential Baten Kaitos remake have got Alana all fired up…

    Of all the wild remake rumours I thought I would hear in 2023, Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost…

  • GamerCityNews 130x95 News - 2023, Week 03

    News My Nintendo Store UK Restocks Fire Emblem amiibo Just In Time For Engage

    A tactical move

    We are mere days away from the release of Fire Emblem Engage now and it looks like Nintendo is getting ready to mark the occasion. What better way is there to celebrate a game so jam-packed full with characters than to restock some of the amiibo figures that started it all?
    Yes, that’s right, My Nintendo Store UK is once again home…

  • GamerCityNews 130x95 News - 2023, Week 03

    News Nintendo Shares New 8 Minute Fire Emblem Engage Overview Trailer

    “Fire Emblem for all”

    While Fire Emblem is quite easy to jump into as a tactical RPG veteran, for others it can be a bit intimidating. With this in mind, Nintendo has released yet another overview trailer – this time introducing newcomers to the basics of Fire Emblem Engage.
    It covers the role-playing elements, relationship building, and of course…

  • GamerCityNews 130x95 News - 2023, Week 03

    News Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist Of The End & The Secret Key Has Been Delayed

    Will now arrive in March

    Just over a month out from the release of Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key, Koei Tecmo and the game’s producer have made the tough decision to delay the title. Instead of February it will now arrive on the Switch on March 24th, 2023.
    In a message from the game’s producer Junzo Hosoi, it was…

  • GamerCityNews 130x95 News - 2023, Week 03

    News Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Surpasses 5 Million Units Sold Across Switch And PC

    Commemorative item pack incoming

    Capcom has announced that Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, the major paid expansion for the main Monster Hunter Rise game, has now surpassed 5 million sales across the Switch and PC.
    The company confirmed the milestone via a tweet (thanks, Nintendo Everything) and announced that a commemorative in-game item pack will…

  • GamerCityNews 130x95 News - 2023, Week 03

    News It’s Official, PowerWash Simulator Scrubs Up On Switch This Month

    And you can wash… Croft Manor?

    Pack it up Zelda, Final Fantasy, Starfield, etc. — PowerWash Simulator is turning on the hoses on 31st January when it launches on Switch. Finally, a real video game that will wash the scrubs away.
    Joking aside, PowerWash Simulator became a bit of a surprise hit in 2021 in Early

  • GamerCityNews 130x95 News - 2023, Week 03

    News Kirby And The Forgotten Land Wins Best Kids Game At New York Game Awards

    We’re certain adults play it too, though

    The New York Videogame Critics Circle recently held the 2023 New York Game Awards, its 12th annual celebration of gaming. As expected, FromSoftware’s Elden Ring took home the biggest prize of the night, winning the Big Apple Award for Best Game of the Year.
    Over on the Switch, however, Kirby and the…

Tuesday17th Jan 2023

  • GamerCityNews 415x240 News - 2023, Week 03

    Random Pet Fish Reveals Credit Card Details During Pokémon Violet Livestream

    That fish deserves a schooling

    Pets can do silly things. They eat newspapers, tear up fabric, and make us laugh. But one famous fish has accidentally revealed its owner’s credit card details during a Pokémon Violet livestream. Automaton Media reports that the fish found its way onto the eShop and did a number of things, including changing the user…

  • GamerCityNews 415x240 News - 2023, Week 03
  • GamerCityNews 250x183 News - 2023, Week 03

    Review Persona 3 Portable – A Fine Series Entry, Though One That’s Tough To Return To

    “Remember you will die”

    Though Persona 3 was actually the fourth mainline release in the series, the meme goes that it was really the first because Atlus just refuses to acknowledge the previous games. As a fresh start for the series, Persona 3 was eventually followed up with not one, but two ‘final’ versions that each had important new features…

  • GamerCityNews 250x183 News - 2023, Week 03

    Round Up The Reviews Are In For Fire Emblem Engage

    Your move

    After trailers, gameplay leaks and enough character reveals to fill a small novel, we are finally on the home straight for the release of Fire Emblem Engage. While we still have a few more days to wait before we can all get our hands on the game on 20th January, we can today see what the critics have had to say about the latest in…

  • GamerCityNews 250x183 News - 2023, Week 03

    Review Persona 4 Golden – A Must-Buy Classic That’s Stood The Test Of Time

    “Heartbreak, heartbreak, you tell me goomba”

    Although Shin Megami Tensei is technically the flagship RPG franchise over at Atlus, its spin-off Persona series has made huge strides in finding mainstream appeal in recent years. While Persona 5 may have done most of the heavy lifting, Persona 4 Golden (P4G)—the enhanced re-release of the PS2…

  • GamerCityNews 250x183 News - 2023, Week 03
  • GamerCityNews 250x183 News - 2023, Week 03

    Round Up The Reviews Are In For Persona 3 Portable, Persona 4 Golden On Switch

    Will you Reach Out To The Truth?

    Persona fans will be feasting later on this week when two classic entries in the series — Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden — launch on the Switch eShop on 19th January. This duo of PS2 classics, based on their PSP and PS Vita versions respectively, join the beloved Persona 5 Royal on a Nintendo console for…

  • GamerCityNews 250x183 News - 2023, Week 03

    News Snazzy Pokémon TCG: Scarlet And Violet Elite Trainer Boxes Live For Pre-Order

    The perfect introduction?

    The Pokémon Company has released pre-orders for the official products for Pokémon TCG: Scarlet and Violet, and two of these look like they just might provide the perfect introduction to the new range, whether you’re a returning player or completely new to the game.
    The Pokémon TCG: Scarlet and Violet Elite Trainer Boxes…

  • GamerCityNews 250x183 News - 2023, Week 03

    Poll Kazuya & Sephiroth Smash amiibo Now Available, Will You Be Getting Them?

    Update: Now available in the UK

    Update [Tue 17th Jan, 2023 15:00 GMT]: UK readers, rejoice! Sephiroth and Kazuya are now available to buy from the My Nintendo Store in the UK.
    Buyers are limited to only one of each amiibo, with each costing £12.99. Be quick if you want one!
    <products id=”22197,22198″>

    Original article [Fri 13

  • GamerCityNews 250x183 News - 2023, Week 03
  • GamerCityNews 130x95 News - 2023, Week 03

    Guide Best Nintendo Switch Wacky Physics Games

    Slapstick is the highest form of comedy

    Comedy has evolved a lot over the centuries and millennia, but one particular comedic mainstay has passed the test of time over and over again: Slapstick. It turns out that civilisation, no matter how advanced, will always appreciate a good pratfall, or even something as simple as a human being moving in a way…

  • GamerCityNews 130x95 News - 2023, Week 03
  • GamerCityNews 130x95 News - 2023, Week 03

    Reminder Unlock A Bayonetta Origins Demo In Bayonetta 3

    Try out the brief playable teaser

    Another Switch exclusive coming out in the earlier half of this year is Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon. In case you missed this one, it’s a new spin-off in the Bayonetta series that was revealed last year at The Game Awards.
    This new title is set in a storybook-like world, where players take on the…

  • GamerCityNews 130x95 News - 2023, Week 03
  • GamerCityNews 130x95 News - 2023, Week 03

    Random Luxury Animal Crossing Chocolate Sets Exist, And They’re Super Cute

    ‘A modest sum of 50,000 bells, hm?”

    Have you ever wondered what the villagers of Animal Crossing taste like? Nah, can’t say that we have, either. But, thanks to a collaboration between Nintendo and luxury chocolate brand Godiva, residents in Japan can now purhase boxes of chocolates featuring the adorable mugs of Tom Nook, Isabelle, Timmy and Tommy,…

  • GamerCityNews 130x95 News - 2023, Week 03

    News Made In Abyss RPG Updated To Version 1.0.3, Here Are The Full Patch Notes

    Going deeper

    Last year, you might remember that the hit anime Made in Abyss finally made the jump to the video game world. Made in Abyss: Binary Star Falling into Darkness may have launched to lacklustre reviews, but improvements are coming to the game today thanks to a new update, Spike Chunsoft has announced.
    The publisher shared the patch notes…

  • GamerCityNews 130x95 News - 2023, Week 03

    News Rhythm Sprout Is A Combat Rhythm Game With K-Pop, EDM, And Lo-Fi Beats

    Out in February

    Publisher tinyBuild has revealed that it’s bringing the colourful melee music game Rhythm Sprout to Switch on 1st February.
    In Rhythm Sprout, you’re an Onion (an Onion Knight, perhaps?) who is on a mission to eradicate all of the sweet treats in the world and rescue Princess Cauliflower. Wait…why are we removing sweets from the…

  • GamerCityNews 130x95 News - 2023, Week 03

    News Barista Visual Novel ‘Coffee Talk Episode 2’ Brews Up 2023 Release Date

    It’s bean a while

    Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly, a sequel to the beloved heart-to-heart barista sim game from 2020, has announced a new release date in 2023.
    Originally slated for a 2022 release, the game was delayed following a difficult year that saw a disagreement between developer Toge Productions and PQube concerning A Sp

Monday16th Jan 2023

  • GamerCityNews 415x240 News - 2023, Week 03
  • GamerCityNews 415x240 News - 2023, Week 03

    Guide Best Fire Emblem Games Of All Time

    Fancy a game of Swords-Axes-Lances?

    Update: Ahead of the launch of the latest game in the series, Fire Emblem Engage, we have retooled this article to be a reader-ranked list governed by each game’s respective User Rating in our database. Read on for more details on how to rate the ones you’ve played and, potentially, influence the ranking below…

  • GamerCityNews 250x183 News - 2023, Week 03
  • GamerCityNews 250x183 News - 2023, Week 03

    Guide Fire Emblem Engage – How To Redeem Free Order Of Heroes Item Set

    You have my sword

    Fire Emblem Engage expands across the entirety of the Nintendo tactical JRPG franchise, bringing in heroes and references from games gone by. This includes the mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes, from which you can redeem a free in-game item set to give you an early boost in Engage.
    To get the Order of Heroes item set, you will have…

  • GamerCityNews 250x183 News - 2023, Week 03

    PSA Watch Out, Fire Emblem Engage Leaks Are Appearing Online

    The scales are tipping

    Fire Emblem Engage is out this Friday, but some lucky people have already got their hands on the game. According to Fendoreo1 on ResetEra (don’t click the link if you want to avoid spoilers), someone is currently playing through the entirety of Fire Emblem Engage and posting their impressions online — including screenshots…

  • GamerCityNews 250x183 News - 2023, Week 03

    Exclusive Farming Game SunnySide Shows Off 24 Dateable Residents In New Trailer

    Spoiled for choice

    Farming games have millions of fans at this point, thanks to the killer combo of Harvest Moon, Story of Seasons, Rune Factory, and Stardew Valley, but they all have one thing in common that has very little to do with farming: The ability to date people in town. Let’s be honest, a lot of people who love farming games aren’t just…

  • GamerCityNews 250x183 News - 2023, Week 03

    Random Toad’s Voice Is Both Adorable And Irritating At Super Nintendo World

    Imagine hearing this on repeat

    Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood is currently open for technical rehearsals, and as such, details of the park are now starting to be shared online ahead of its full launch on February 17th.
    One video that’s caught our eye features the one and only Toad, who has decided to venture into the world of…

  • GamerCityNews 250x183 News - 2023, Week 03
  • GamerCityNews 250x183 News - 2023, Week 03

    Random Early Build Footage Of Unreleased DS de Blob Game Surfaces Online

    The blob that never was

    In a time before Splatoon, de Blob was the big name in spreading colourful ink around town. Unlike Nintendo’s inky shooter, the series saw you take control of a colour-absorbing ball which would complete various challenges by spreading paint across a monochromatic landscape.
    You might remember de Blob on the Wii, its sequel…

  • GamerCityNews 250x183 News - 2023, Week 03

    UK Charts Switch Maintains Strong Representation In A Pretty Quiet Week

    FIFA 23 is once again on top

    The latest UK charts are in and it’s pretty unremarkable, all told.
    FIFA 23 regains its dominance at number one after slipping down to number two last week. The Switch version made up 25% of the split, coming in behind the PlayStation 5 version at 41%.
    No Nintendo titles enter the top ten this week, but the Switch…

  • GamerCityNews 130x95 News - 2023, Week 03

    News Check Out These Sublime Soundtrack Samples From Octopath Traveler II

    42 song previews are available

    Can you believe we’re only just over a month away from Octopath Traveler II’s release? Well, ahead of the game’s launch on 24th February, Square Enix has shared some previews of the game’s soundtrack over on its Japanese site (via NoisyPixel). And my goodness, if there’s one thing we can be sure of, the music sounds…

  • GamerCityNews 130x95 News - 2023, Week 03

    News Please, Touch The Artwork Patch Now Live, Adds TV And Tabletop Support

    More ways to touch!

    Please, Touch The Artwork, the puzzler from sole developer Thomas Waterzooi at Studio Waterzooi, has been patched to implement button support in addition to touch screen gameplay.
    The addition of button support now also means that the game can now be played in TV or tabletop mode. In our review for the game, one of our main…

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