Newzoo Predicts Esports to Generate $1.38B in 2022

If one asked someone ten years ago if the competitive scene in the video game industry would be worth millions of dollars, they would probably call you crazy. However, today, we all know how big esports has become, and thanks to Newzoo, we have some predictions on the estimated revenue for 2022 and the following years.

What is Newzoo?

When it comes to gaming data, Newzoo is one of the companies that you should contact, as they gather it on pretty much anything in the industry. They are one of the leading companies when it comes to analytics, and they often like to share their reports on how successful the esports industry is becoming, which is probably something that anyone who is into esports betting is thrilled about.

The audience

It is predicted that the audience in 2022 for global esports is going to grow up to 532 million, and those who are passionate about esports (the ones that watch it more than once a month) will account for a bit over 261 million. It is estimated that the audience grows by about +8.7% every year. With that said, in 2025, the audience that watches esports at least once a month will be around 640 million, while the passionate group is going to grow to 318 million people.

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