Next LoL Champion will be a Support from Ixtal

Now that K’Sante is in the live servers for a while, it’s time to look ahead at the upcoming release of the new LoL champion. Ready to be enchanted by a cute support on the Rift?

Image Credits | Riot Games

The New LoL champion will be an enchanter from Ixtal

According to the 2022 August champion roadmap, the new champion will be the first-ever enchanter male champion. He’s going to be a support and will come from Ixtal. Called by Riot Games ‘cute’ support, it’s likely going to be a young boy that will use fire as his main theme or unique element. Inspired by Scorbunny evolutions from Pokemon, it will be exciting to see how Riot will tackle his design.

What’s most important about the new league champion is that Riot is looking to give him a much more user-friendly and straightforward kit compared to the latest releases. In 2022, most of the champions that came out were fairly hard to learn and master, so this might be a refreshing kit to play.

When will the new LoL champion be released?

Based on the information so far, it looks like the champion will hit the live servers in the early part of 2023. That said, we’re expecting to Ahri’s ASU update first: it might happen during the Chinese New Year event, alongside her new “Lunar New Year” skin. Following that, we should have Aurelion Sol’s CGU update, so expect the Ixtal boy to be released shortly after it.

Aurelion Sol’s CGU Update

Speaking of Aurelion Sol, his CGU update will be the first champion to be revamped in 2023. His kit will get major changes, allowing him to still be a powerful battle mage, but with the ability to fly in various directions rather than just straight into one. Here’s a preview of what his kit will look like.

According to the Aurelion Sol’s main discord, Rob “Riot KingCobra” Rosa stated that the CGU will drop very early this year. We know that it’s not coming in the first League patch of 2023, but this might mean that it will be ready in the upcoming patches.

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The enchanter support will be followed by the new Darkin champion

There’s a new Darkin assassin champion that is looking to hit Summoners’ Rift. It was revealed that it will be a female and she will use a dagger as her main weapon, but we still don’t know whether it will be a human or a creature. According to known leaker BigBadBear, the new League of Legends Darkin will be a dog, explaining that the dagger is going to be fused with the champion’s face in some way.

There is a lot of mystery in this release, making it one of the most hyped releases that we might get in 2023. If you’re asking why, here’s a preview of the design:

GamerCityNews Darkin-Dagger-Champion-Header-1024x576 Next LoL Champion will be a Support from Ixtal

Image Credits | Riot Games

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