NFTs can be used and traded in new games from Nexon

Kang Dae-hyun, COO of Nexon, speaks at the 2022 Nexon Developers Conference on Wednesday. [NEXON]

Nexon will release various MapleStory games, creating an ecosystem where users are allowed to earn and trade non-fungible tokens (NFTs).
Kang Dae-hyun, COO of Nexon, announced plans to create a so-called MapleStory Universe at the 2022 Nexon Developers Conference on Wednesday.  
In the MapleStory Universe, PC and mobile games based on Nexon’s MapleStory role playing game will be available. Users will be able to earn, trade and use NFTs across all games under the umbrella.
As part of the plan, Nexon will release MapleStory N, a role playing game backed by blockchain technology. Gamers can earn in-game items through game play such as slaying monsters and fulfilling challenges, later turning the items into NFTs. The NFTs can be sold among users.
Users will pay a commission when trading NFTs, which will be split between Nexon and the MapleStory Universe users. The company didn’t specify how much the company will take and how much will be given to users. A cut of the commission given to each user will be different, with active gamers getting a bigger cut.
MapleStory N will be available on both PC and mobile devices.
Nexon will also release a game tentatively named MOD N. It will be a sandbox game, which means users are given the freedom to modify the game environment of MapleStory. Gamers can use game item NFTs earned on MapleStory N and even non-MapleStory NFTs to freely create games they wish.  
MapleStory N SDK allows users to create their own mobile applications using MapleStory NFTs.  
Although Nexon only announced plans for MapleStory NFTs, it plans to offer NFTs of other games as well. Nexon offers games such as KartRider, Kingdom of the Winds and Dungeon Fighter.


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