Nigma Galaxy crowned champions of PMPL MEA Championship 2022

Nigma Galaxy has won the PMPL MEA Championship 2022 after a dominant performance and has walked away with $40,000 as prize money.

The team has been dominating since the start of the PMPL spring season. They accumulated 321 points, including 144 kills and five chicken dinners, and was the only team to cross 300 points in their 24 matches in the championship. The team was also the winner of PMPL Arabia 2022 Spring.

PMPL MEA Championship 2022 standings and tournament breakdown

Yalla Esports was 83 points behind Nigma Galaxy and landed in second place with 238 points, which included 118 eliminations and two chicken dinners. They were awarded the runner-up prize of $28,000. Their star player Ragnar bagged the MVP award, taking $2,000 extra cash as prize money.

Falcons Esports was consistent from day one and secured third place in the overall standings with 216 points, including two chicken dinners. 01 Esports occupied fourth place with 213 points.

It was an average tournament for Rico Infinity, a popular Saudi Arabian team, as they placed fifth with 210 points, of which 140 came from finishes. The team played aggressively but faltered when it came to gaining position points.

Intruder Africa grabbed four chicken dinners but finished in seventh place due to their inconsistent performances. Team Umbra was behind them in eighth place with 195 points.

PMPL MEA Championship 2022 Overall standings

GamerCityNews svg> Nigma Galaxy crowned champions of PMPL MEA Championship 2022
Nigma Galaxy finished first place in MEA Championship 2022 (Image via PUBG Mobile)

The final standings of the tournament are as follows:

  1. Nigma Galaxy – 321 points
  2. Yalla Esports – 238 points
  3. Team Falcons – 216 points
  4. 01 Esports – 213 points
  5. Rico Infinity – 210 points
  6. Twisted Minds – 203 points
  7. Intruder Africa – 196 points
  8. Team Umbra – 195 points
  9. Nasr Esports – 188 points
  10. Conqueror Iraq – 187 points
  11. Ooredoo Thunders – 156 points
  12. Slime 4KT – 122 points
  13. 90TH Minute – 118 points
  14. G3 Temper – 105 points
  15. Team Myths – 87 points
  16. Virtual Gaming – 83 points

Nasr Esports had an average run in the championship as they collected 188 points in their 24 matches and placed ninth. The side was in fifth place at Pro League Spring Arabia.

Team Conqueror from Iraq, who was the runner-up in Pro League Arabia, came tenth with 187 points, followed by Ooredoo Thunders. Team Myths and Virtual Gaming had a disastrous tournament as both sides failed to cross the 100 mark in their 24 matches and finished in 15th and 16th place, respectively.

GamerCityNews svg> Nigma Galaxy crowned champions of PMPL MEA Championship 2022
Bottom eight teams standings of MEA Championship 2022 (Image via PUBG Mobile)

The event featured a total of sixteen teams from the Saudi Arabian and African regions. The top 10 teams from the PMPL Arabia and the top six teams from PMPL Africa fought in the $150K event.

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