Nintendo Switch 2 by 2024 as perspicacious analyst forecasts potential next-generation Nintendo console launch

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is the best-selling game on the Nintendo Switch console. (Image source: Nintendo)

It has been forecast that a potential Nintendo Switch 2, or next-generation Nintendo console, could be on the shelves by 2024. A global entertainment business analyst with a decent track record for game and console-related predictions believes that the current Nintendo Switch will soon be “entering the later stages of its life cycle”.

Those excited by the possibility of the appearance of a Nintendo Switch 2 or next-generation Switch device turning up in 2023 should temper their expectations, with an insightful analyst forecasting that there is still a bit of life left in the original Nintendo Switch yet. Not long ago, we reported about the chance that Nintendo gave up on a Switch Pro project and decided to go ahead with an OLED model refresh instead, with the global chip shortage putting paid to plans for a considerable console upgrade. It seems fair now to presume that the next console Nintendo reveals will be the true successor to the Switch.

In a list of forecasts made for, analyst Piers Harding-Rolls revealed that he was “not expecting a next-gen Nintendo console in 2023: we have 2024 in our forecasts” (“we” being entertainment industry experts Ampere Analysis). It’s worth taking note of what Harding-Rolls said, as he also previously predicted correctly that the PS5 would outsell the Xbox Series X|S, that the Metaverse would not fully arrive, and that the Switch would be the best-selling console of 2022. Crucially for the theme here, he also made an accurate forecast last year that there would be no Nintendo Switch Pro device arriving in 2022.

With Sony announcing that stock shortfalls of the PS5 are now over, it’s likely that particular console will sell even more like hot cakes in 2023. It would be tricky for Nintendo to release a next-generation console this year with such competition, especially as there is simply no certainty it might not end up being another Wii U-type sales disaster (roughly 14 million units vs. over 100 million units sold for the Wii predecessor). It is vital for Nintendo to make sure a Switch 2, Super Switch, or next-gen console continues the success story the Japanese company has enjoyed since releasing the NES device back in the early 1980s (1983: as the Famicom in Japan; 1985: as the NES in North America).

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