Nintendo Switch Online Users Get First N64 Surprise of 2023

Nintendo Switch Online subscribers with the Expansion Pack tier have received their first N64 surprise of 2023. Unfortunately, the first N64 game of 2023 has not been added to the subscription service, which means subscribers will need to wait longer for multiple classics, but there is a new wave of N64 icons; the third wave in total, but the first of 2023. Included are icons for Mario Kart 64, the second-best Mario Kart to date behind only Double Dash, Paper Mario, and Star Fox 64, the best Star Fox game to date. Capping off the offer is a red N64 controller and the whole shebang, which is to say an icon featuring both the console and controller. 

As always, these icons are only available for a limited time. More specifically, they are only available until February 2. After this, they will disappear and you will have lost the opportunity to redeem any of them. Every icon is technically free, but each does require a select number of Platinum Points. And you need to be an Expansion Pack subscriber. If you’re subscribed to the standard tier you do not have access to any of these special icon releases.

It remains to be seen how many waves of N64 icons there will be. As mentioned above, this is the third wave of N64-themed icons and until they add the next console to the library — which should be the Game Cube, but there are rumors and speculation pointing towards the Game Boy coming first — the waves should continue. However, these specific icons may never return.

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