Nintendo Switch Owner’s Pet Fish Commits Credit Card Fraud

We have all heard of phishing scams… but have you ever heard of a pet fish scamming you via a Nintendo Switch? Well, now you have. Content creation has evolved so dramatically over the years with sites like YouTube and Twitch. It’s simply not enough to be kind of funny, somewhat attractive, or good at a game if you want to break into the content creation field, there are already tons of people who fit those areas and dominate the space. So, naturally, people got creative. We got things like Twitch chat plays Pokemon, which allows chats commands the ability to control what happens in the game. That was a huge deal when it happened, but one person took it a bit further: A pet fish plays Pokemon.

As spotted by Techspot (via ResetEra), Japanese YouTuber “Mutekimaru Channel” has been challenging their fish to play Pokemon. They’ve set up controls within its fish tank to be able to control the game and there’s a camera hovering over it that shows all of the inputs it is making. The fish has impressively been pretty successful at the game, but then something truly amazing happened. The game crashed, forcing the fish back to the home screen of the Nintendo Switch. From there, it started messing with settings until it stumbled upon the Nintendo eShop. After enough button presses, the fish revealed the streamer’s credit card info on stream and then purchased some funds for the Nintendo account. Mutekimaru was not present when this happened, but they started receiving emails from Nintendo about activity on the account.

Needless to say, it’s a pretty impressive feat from the fish. People have likely experienced this with their children if they have a card stored on a console, resulting in things like games, in-game currency, and DLC being purchased without permission. I don’t think many people can say their fish has ever used their credit card, however.

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