Nova Esports qualifies for PEL 2022 Spring Grand Finals

Nova Esports has secured their PEL 2022 Spring Grand Finals ticket after coming out on top in the first Playoffs round held on 28 and 29 April. The team earned 114 points, including three Chicken Dinners, in ten matches between the top 15 teams from the Regular Season.

Three out of the top five players were from Nova. Paraboy, the most loved PUBG Mobile player, secured 24 eliminations, followed by LGD suki. Order claimed 17 finishes.

GamerCityNews svg> Nova Esports qualifies for PEL 2022 Spring Grand Finals
Top five teams of the PEL Playoffs Days 1-2 (Image via Tencent)

The first two-day Playoffs round had only one slot for the Grand Finals. RSG fell short by 13 points as they came second with 101 points.

Team PAI, who were in first place after Day 1, slipped to third place with 99 points. They grabbed a Chicken Dinner in the third match of Day 2 but had average performances in the other four.

LGD Gaming was behind them in fourth place with 80 points.

GamerCityNews svg> Nova Esports qualifies for PEL 2022 Spring Grand Finals
The Chosen finished ninth in the playoffs round (Image via Tencent)

Show Time, who had a poor Regular Season and was placed 14th, secured fifth, followed by defending champions STE. The Chosen (TC), who had a fantastic regular season, occupied 9th place without a Chicken Dinner.

4AM won the last match, but overall, the team had a bad round as they accumulated 57 points in their ten games. Vision Esports and TEC finished in fourteen and fifteen places, respectively.

PEL 2022 Spring Playoffs Days 3-4

The remaining teams of the round, alongside the 16th place team, JTeam, will compete in the second round of the Playoffs, beginning today, for the top two spots in the Grand Finals.

Playoffs days 3-4 teams

  1. RSG
  2. Team PAI
  3. LGD
  4. Show Time
  5. STE
  6. WBG
  7. All Gamers
  8. The Chosen
  9. Four Angry Men (4AM)
  10. Tianba
  11. JDE
  12. Team Kone
  13. Vision Esports
  14. TEC
  15. JTeam

The second round, i.e., Playoffs Days 3-4, will occur between 30 April and 1 May and features ten matches.

Nova Esports has emphatic performances so far in the event as they secured first place in the Regular Season and then grabbed the top spot in the Playoffs to qualify for the Finals. The two-time world champions would like to maintain their consistency in the PEL Grand Finals.

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