Now the Silent Hill movie director claims ‘multiple’ games are in the works

The director of the Silent Hill movie has claimed that Konami has “several” games in development.

The comments were made during a recent French video interview (translated by Resetera), in which director Christophe Gans claimed there are currently multiple Silent Hill games in development by several teams.

Gans directed the 2006 Silent Hill movie and has reportedly written the script for a new production.

“I know a bit about the [next Silent Hill game]. I work with the Silent Team, the original creators. I work in collaboration with Konami,” he reportedly said.

“I’m working with the Silent Team, the original creators at Konami, there are several games in development as we speak, there are several teams on it, with a big line of games, they will revive the franchise, I think they were really impressed of the success of the remakes of Resident Evil that are evidently exceptional games.”

When the interviewer asked who is developing the games, Gans replied: “It’s Konami, there are several games.”

The director’s comments match with various media reports about Konami’s upcoming plans for Silent Hill, but it’s not clear if he is corroborating the stories or simply repeating them.

VGC first reported last February that Konami was planning to revive the long-dormant horror game series.

According to multiple reports, a Silent Hill 2 remake is understood to be one of the games in active development. It’s also claimed that an episodic series of Silent Hill “short stories” are also in development.

Notably, South Korea’s Game Rating committee recently rated an unannounced Silent Hill game, “Silent Hill: The Short Message”. The game’s publisher is listed as UNIANA, a company which regularly publishes Konami games in South Korea.