Official release date, expected story, gameplay, and more

Team Ninja’s upcoming Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is one of the most anticipated releases this year. After the amount of success that their Nioh franchise has garnered over the years, many fans are excited to see the direction that the development team will take for their next title.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is officially being released on March 3, 2023, for the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. Additionally, it will also be available to Xbox and PC Game Pass subscribers from the very first day of launch.

The title’s narrative will take place during the Later Han Dynasty in 184 AD China, however, it will feature a dark fantasy twist. Players will get to explore diverse environments as a nameless person who is tasked with slaying demons to protect the land.

What to expect from Wo Long Fallen Dynasty?

GamerCityNews  Official release date, expected story, gameplay, and more

When it comes to the combat in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, the most recent gameplay trailer provides fans with a great deal of insight into what they can expect from the RPG title when it finally goes live in March.

The combat will be somewhat similar to that of Nioh, but there will be more emphasis on dodging, parrying, and blocking this time around. Additionally, players will also be able to summon spirits to help them out, and they will be invaluable when getting out of tricky situations.

Players can also look forward to switching between different fighting styles. Each of these styles will represent the five key elements of nature, which are known as “phases” in the title.

GamerCityNews  Official release date, expected story, gameplay, and more

As per the story, Wo Long Fallen Dynasty will be set in 184 AD China, specifically during the time of the Later Han Dynasty. The game description also states that “Wo Long” stands for a crouching dragon, which refers to a hero who has immense potential but is yet to live up to their destiny. Hence, the words in the title refer to the player’s character and how they will have to rise to be a great hero by the time the narrative rounds out.

The story will primarily focus on the militia and soldiers of the land, and the game is expected to have an approximate playtime of around 40 hours.

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