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PUBG New State Pro Series Mobile Challenger Day 2 was played on January 6 between the teams in Group C and D. Revenant Esports, widely regarded as one of the best squads in the tournament, demonstrated why that’s the case by securing the pole position. The side has accumulated a total of 72 points with a whopping 42 finishes. It’s worth mentioning that the squad got the pole position from Try Hard since the latter did not play any matches today.

Global Esports also had a fabulous day as they gained 66 points to sit on the podium, while fan-favorite Team Soul, who didn’t compete today, slipped two places to the fourth spot. Hyderabad Hydras’ healing battle led them to fifth place with 62 points.

PUBG New State Mobile Challenger Day 2 highlights

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Revenant claimed first place after PUBG New State Mobile Challenger Day 2 (Image via Nodwin Gaming)

Dream, from TSM, participated in a 1v2 against Revenant in the final circle to claim the first match of Day 1 with six frags. However, his opposition topped the match table with the help of 12 frags and 12 placement points.

The second match played on the map of Troi was won by Troy Tamilian Esp with six frags. The final circle was in an open field and saw more than four teams fighting each other. However, Troy came out on top. Team NexGen were eliminated a little early in this game, but their dynamic gameplay was the reason they managed to rake in 11 elimination points.

GamerCityNews svg> Overall rankings, overview, and more
Team XSpark finished 25th after PUBG New State Mobile Challenger Day 2 (Image via Nodwin Gaming)

Global Esports, who recently announced their PUBG New State roster, finally managed to get a Chicken Dinner in the third match with 10 kills. They used a strategic approach and focused on the zone. Team Hyderabad Hydras got into a healing battle and grabbed second place, while Team XSpark, with Soul Hector as one of their players, grabbed third place.

The fourth match of the day was won by Big Brother Esports with 10 kills. Hyderabad Hydras used the same approach from their last game and secured their third consecutive second-place finish with the help of a healing battle.

In the final match of Day 1, Revenant Esports showed their class by clinching the game with 15 finishes. Team NexGen displayed an admirable performance and came second, while Hyderabad Hydras grabbed 10 points, thanks to another healing battle.

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