Overall standings, top 10 players, and more

With only six matches remaining in the PMPL South Asia 2022 Spring Finals, IHC Esports, previously known as Zeus, moved up to top place after Day 2. The side grabbed 165 points in 12 matches, followed by Nepali team Trained To Kill with 150 points.

Securing 140 points with two chicken dinners, Stalwart Esports placed third. The team has offered consistent gameplay in the finals. Deadeyes Guys, who were placed in the top spot after Day 1, slipped to 4th place as they had an average run on Day 2. However, Skylightz Gaming maintained their consistency as they secured 6th place despite not securing a chicken dinner.

PMPL Finals Day 2 overview

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IHC Esports occupied first place after PMPL finals Day 2 (Image via PUBG Mobile)

IHC Esports took the first match being played on Erengel with 16 kills after winning their last fight against Raw Esports. Zyoll, having secured nine finishes alone, bagged the MVP award.

IHC Esports clinched their second chicken dinner with 15 kills. Their first two matches helped them climb the overall standings as they accumulated 61 points. Three out of the top 5 players in the second match were from IHC.

JyanMaara defeated Skylightz Gaming in a 3 vs 3 fight in the last zone which was being played on Sanhok map. Suzan knocked two players, Gyalzen and Aj, with a single grenade that helped them take advantage against Skylightz.

GamerCityNews svg> Overall standings, top 10 players, and more
League stage topper Seal Esports placed 9th after finals day 2 (Image via PUBG Mobile)

The fourth match being played on Erangel was grabbed by Stalwart Esports with 11 eliminations. Deadeyes and Skylightz also had a good match as they took eight kills each. IHC and Elimentrix were eliminated earlier with one point each.

Trained To Kill put up an emphatic performance and claimed the fifth match with 13 finishes. Both Mongolian teams, IHC and STE, had a good match as they took 19 and 15 points respectively.

Securing 11 finishes, Trained To Kill took their third chicken dinner. Deadeyes Guys placed second while PT came in third place in the sixth match.

MVP ranking for PMPL 2022 Day 2

GamerCityNews svg> Overall standings, top 10 players, and more
MVP ranking after PMPL Finals Day 2 (Image via PUBG Mobile)

Zyoll is currently in the first place with 32, followed by Sand3sh. Four out of the top 10 players are from IHC Esports. Action and Top from Stalwart Esports grabbed fourth and fifth place with 21 and 16 finishes, respectively.

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