Overall standings, top 3 players, and more

The first day of the PMPL SEA Championship 2022 concluded. A total of 16 teams representing four regions in South East Asia will compete for the coveted title and a prize pool of around 150,000 USD. The three-day finals will see teams competing for over 18 matches spread across three classic maps.

At the end of the first day, D’Xavier from Vietnam is in first place with 37 kills and 91 points. It took two chicken dinners along with two podium finishes for the team to accomplish this feat.

Following them at second rank is RRQ Ryu with 29 kills and 64 points while another Vietnam team Eagle Esports secured third spot, thanks to their consistent gameplay. Infinity placed 12th with 34 points, while ION finished in 15th position.

PMPL SEA Championship 2022 Day 1 overview

GamerCityNews svg> Overall standings, top 3 players, and more
PMPL SEA Championship 2022 day 1 overall standings (Image via PUBG Mobile)

The first match of the tournament was won by D’Xavier with 10 kills, where Franky was named MVP for his five eliminations. Franky’s health stood at 10 in the final circle but he eliminated Pemburu from the Yoodo Alliance to clinch it.

Evos Reborn played at the high ground to win the second match of the day with 15 kills. Eagle Esports played safely to secure second place, while Farang came third with six kills.

Thai team Bacon Time claimed the third match of Erangel with 12 kills. The team showed great rotation in the match to claim the win. Meanwhile, TEM was eliminated early in the match but managed to grab eight kills.

D’Xavier claimed their second booyah of the day on the map of Sanhok with 10 kills as they were blessed with zone gods. Infinity GodTunny took his team to second place with the help of a healing battle.

RRQ Ryu from Indonesia came out on top in the fifth and sixth matches of the day with 10 and 14 kills, which took them a whopping 14 places up to second place in the overall points table.

GamerCityNews svg> Overall standings, top 3 players, and more
Top 3 eliminators from PMPL SEA Championships day 1 (Image via PUBG Mobile)

Frankyyy has secured first place on the kill leaderboard with 13 eliminations. Finishing in a close second, F1Korea picked up 12 kills, followed by Perpehko with 11 frags.

The second day will set the tone for the tournament, so teams should give it their all as there is no room for mistakes. Catch the action live on the YouTube channel of PUBG Mobile Esports.

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