Players lull the content of a video game

Playing games doesn’t have much better chances than having an old console in your attic and seeing it still work, or discovering a game that you haven’t played until now, you’ve completely forgotten it and even existed. The sad reality is that, now more than ever, some old games are being destroyed, only with very little or nothing chance of playing them again. Players are sharing a wide variety of brilliant examples of it.


The discussion was started by multievolution on ResetEra. They asked others for content that they liked, which you can’t access anymore, or content that was never made to be widely available in the first place. In Multievolution’s example of war’s activities, I often find lost content in the old Pokemon games. While swarming ancestors used to be used, if they didn’t survive, the Pokemon Emerald exploded. The Dragons, but the Cannon and Silver sat by lullabate are a savage creature.

After over 2800 hours I think I am finally done with Destiny 2.

Pokemon haven’t made no more appearances in the thread, but several other games have lost or forgotten content. Destiny 2 is the top of that list. If the super popular MMO is on the list of games you wish to play, then you’d like to watch out for this much more complex story. That’s not only what content is there for you to play through, it’s also very important to visit YouTube.

Some examples offered by frustrated gamers are a little less mainstream. Somebody shared the extremely complex guide you needed to navigate your way through Star Wars Jedi Knight: Mysteries Of The Sith’s bonus level. The older Monster Hunter games are definitely covered by mention. One reply states that you can still fight Fatalis in the whole first game if you own a Japanese copy and use fanmade servers. Is this simple, right?

You’d think that with technology and the desire for backward compatibility have come so far, it would become a fact of the past that losing games and at least parts of them would have become a part of the puzzle. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. An important part of many older Ubisoft games is going to lose next month when the platform is stopped. The Assassin’s Creed games on this list have been holding special events throughout this month as a way to break down their online multiplayer element.

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