Playing games on Xbox One and the game pass will be feasible in just a few minutes

Google is testing a new technology that will give players the ability to launch games through cloud services, and also find a place to live in a cloud, where a particular game is available. In the Engadget portal, he wrote an article in which he wrote about the new technology used by Google search.

Players can enter the name of the game by the Google search box and then, with an outline of the game, a click on the right, use the search search to launch the found project in the cloud. Similarly, the development of games is supported via Google’s Stadia, but also via other cloud services, notably via Xbox Cloud Gaming.

As usual, games on Game Pass and Fortnite are still available through Xbox Cloud Gaming. A game which is available on Game Pass, and can play on the cloud, is displayed in search results along with the game description. It only takes one button, so you can launch this game. As you can see in the below video, you can also visit the Games Pass.

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