PlayStation 4 doubles its sales of Xbox One

The consoles of the past generation, gradually fading into history, are still being sold, so as to continue to lose their relevance every day, and in the same time, curious details are leaking into the network regarding the winner of the competition who is cooler? between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The data source is somewhat exotious, but still interesting: Microsoft filed a document in a Brazilian court trying to prove that the merger with Activision Blizzard wouldn’t adversely impact fair competition. So, from these documents, the PlayStation 4 bypassed the Xbox One as much as two times the sales value.

In terms of accurate figures, the latest official data is already a bit outdated, since the Sony original they sold 116 million copies of the PlayStation 4 worldwide back in January of this year.

Since the fact that the vast majority of the sales relate to the current generation of consoles, and the past is taken only at sales, it can be assumed that this number hasn’t increased very significantly since then. That means it’s most likely that the Xbox One console has sold 560 million copies.

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