PlayStation Stars is giving top members ‘priority’ chat support in the west too

The new PlayStation Stars loyalty program is offering members in its highest tier “priority” customer support in the west, it’s been confirmed.

PlayStation Stars, which debuted in Asia last month and will roll out in Europe on October 13, launched today in North and South America.

It has a four-tier level system, in which all players start at Level 1 and can work their way up to Level 4 by buying games and earning trophies.

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As is the case in Japan, it’s now been confirmed that Level 4 PlayStation Stars members in North and South America will receive “chat priority routing” which enables them to connect with customer support representatives more quickly than other people.

After the Level 4 customer service benefit emerged last week, numerous Twitter users expressed their frustration at the perk, with some pointing out that good customer service should be a standard and not something you have to pay for.

GamerCityNews  PlayStation Stars is giving top members ‘priority’ chat support in the west too

“Customer support must be equal”, akutarosu said. “There are people who only like a few titles and play them, and there are gamers who can’t afford money or time.”

koshifurinyodo also suggested that customer support should instead be weighted towards newcomers who are more likely to have issues.

“You say that the more you play with it, the more you prioritise customer support,” they wrote. “But the more you play with it, the less you use customer support. There’s something off about that. You should give priority to beginners who are new to the game.”

Last week, a hidden fifth tier of PlayStation Stars membership was reportedly found in the PlayStation mobile app.