PowerWash Simulator comes to PS4, PS5 with Tomb Raider crossover event

When Lara Croft is off exploring the deepest darkest dungeons and jungles, she can’t bother with the day-to day tedium of household chores, like mopping the floors or cleaning the windows. That’s fine by me, but it seems like her estate has gotten pretty filthy. The good news is a new crossover between the cleaning game PowerWash Simulator and Tomb Raider will give you the almost impossible task of cleaning her sprawling manor.

On Jan. 31, PowerWash Simulator is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. To celebrate the launch, the game will be getting its first free special pack, which will add Lara Croft’s Manor as a playable level to the game. A trailer announcing the new content shows the building filled with eccentric set pieces like a towering dinosaur sculpture, ancient Egyptian artifacts, and other museum fixtures collected throughout the adventurer’s exploits.

In case you haven’t heard of it, PowerWash Simulator is literally just a game where you use a pressure washer to shoot, fire, and clean surfaces. It’s genuinely one of the best and calmest first-person shooters of 2022. And it looks like this new update will add a solid handful of new items to clean in the game — the trailer showed an interior home area, the facade of the home, a garden-like area, and even an additional vehicle.

Of course, this is all just talking circles around the elephant in the room: How did Lara Croft’s estate get so dirty to begin with?

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