Preorder Hogwarts Legacy and get a free $10 Best Buy gift card

Hogwarts Legacy preorder bonus deals offer incentive for early adopters of the much anticipated game release. Best Buy is tossing in a free $10 e-Gift card (opens in new tab) when you preorder Hogwarts Legacy in physical format. Pricing for Hogwarts Legacy discs range from $59 to $79 for standard and deluxe editions across PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch consoles. 

Preorder Hogwarts Legacy Deluxe (PS5) for $79 (opens in new tab) from Best Buy to receive tons of bonuses and a free $10 Best Buy Gift Card. This Deluxe Edition for PS5 includes: Thestral Mount, Dark Arts Battle Arena, Dark Arts Cosmetic Set, 72 Hours Early Access. Plus, preorder now to get the Onyx Hippogriff Mount and Felix Felicis Potion Recipe. 

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